CRAPS: October bags of you know what.

This here thread will be for any and all BOCs that you might get during October!

Prepare for

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31 days hath…crap

New rule for 2018:

Limit one bag per 31 days, per person. To clarify – you cannot have purchased a Bag o’ Crap in the previous 31 days, NOT counting the day you are trying to purchase. That’s Woot Math, and that’s our policy.

Read more here.


With the addition of Free Standard Shipping for Amazon Prime members, we want the total cost of a Bag o’ Crap to be the same for everyone.

For this reason, the price is now $10 with free shipping for everyone. There’s no difference in the contents. It’s the same disappointing crap as when you paid $5 + $5 shipping.

Note: if you have other items in your cart, you will be charged the appropriate shipping amount.

Note x 2: It doesn’t count towards $5 ships all day. Sorry.


DENIED: We ran out of BOCs before we even took your money so we denied your order to end the process.

CANCELLED: We ran out of of BOCs right further down the process and we had to cancel the order to reverse gears.

Canceling Duplicate Orders

Remember, I check for duplicate orders. If it looks like a duplicate, I will cancel it. No exceptions and no remorse on my end.


These are shipped UPS Surepost. That means that UPS may or may not hand off your crap to your local post office. For some whacko reason, they sometimes mark it as delivered even though it’s at your post office.

Make sure to give it a couple extra days before panicking.


You gotta share. That’s what’s so fun about them. Join the community! Post away. Guess what you may get. What are you hoping for?

PS: It’s also quality control for me. :wink:

So remember! No taking your BOC and running off with it.

Quick & Dirty Instructions for Imgur!


and now on with the crap…


I think I got one, confirmation like an hour and change ago no cancelation email (knock on wood) super nervous and excited.

The ONLY bad thing about getting a BOC is knowing that next month you are ineligible.

However, thankfully people will post in here where we can share their joy!

Anyone care to share how the app-crap works, for those of us who aren’t app-savvy?


I can see the bag, you can still hit buy, but waiting roomed every time, and I hit it the second I got the notification.

Woo-Hoo! I missed out on the early BoC, but managed to score one now!

It’s my Birthday too! Nothing like scoring some Birthday BoC!

Me, too. And the vestibule of patience just keeps on refreshing itself.

Dangit I got impatient and think I lost my spot in line D=

Uh oh… the app has struck again and now I have disappointment headed my way.

Yeeeaaaahhhhh boooooooiiiiiiii got through this time. I missed it the first time (crappy internet connection in my office). When I was in the VOP, walked to the breakroom, and like magic, I got through. Excited for this one! I may even get it on my bday too.

So at this point I think I’ve been in the VOP for about 30 minutes. At what point do I give up?

I was watching on my work phone and personal phone. The delay between the 2 was more than 10 seconds so it is really just luck getting the push in time.

Like hitting the right server during a Woot Off, its all luck decided in the data center.

My ex used to say I was patient “…to the point of stupidity”.

I’m in the VOP with Belynda, and went in about the same time.

Not quite stupid yet.

Never mind. Just got through the VOB and got the “sold out” message. Strangely, the app still shows the “add it to my cart” option.

Mine was the 7th, I felt like this was a birthday gift too

OH, CR-APP! I will have a BOC coming my way soon!

Deleting the app - its useless - the second the crapp pops up i hit buy every time (not just today) and am consistently tossed in the vestibule. The app never has the crapp notifications, they have never worked and probably never will.

On the rare occasion that decent items get posted, they are usually sold out before they hit the app.

Just a level or anxiety and frustration I no longer need in my life.

I am however surprised that teh wealthiest person on the planet isnt willing to invest in a decent app to provide a decent user experience…

Well, my day was dedicated to scoring a BOC.

Missed the first round, as I looked away for a little bit. A possible on the second, but just to land in the VOP for a L…O…N…G time. However, round three - she scores!!!

Here’s to sheer stubbornness - a family genetic trait that can be annoying, but also sometimes useful.

My Bushel of Christmas (gifts) on the way here.

Even with the boc frustration, the app works quite well for me. Idk what yours problems is… Reinstall?? Get a better phone?? Meh. Idk but it works! Woot developers are doing something right.

I manage over 4,000 phones for a fortune 500 company and have access to the bleeding edge phones and multiple carriers and have had poor experience on all of them - ranging from iPhones 5,5S,6,6S, 7, 8 and X as well as several different Androids including current version notes and galaxies . Glad to hear it works for someone - it will probably work even better ow that my phones wont be hitting the servers