Craptendo 3DS

Craptendo 3DS
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days (Tuesday, Nov 29 to Wednesday, Nov 30) + transit
Condition: Crappier


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OH lord I hope it is not really Nintendo 3DS stuff!

YESSSS!!! Got one after 5 misses!

Woot! Third time is a charm trying today. I am now a two time crapper. 2014 and 2016

Wow that one lasted as long as Aretha
Franklin’s rendition of the National Anthem!

i can’t be mad. i got the last BoC. could’ve had this one too if not for the 7-day constipation clause…

NO! Just using a video game theme of titles.

OMG it’s my lucky week. Been out of school for 15 years, took a few months off to finish the 15 hours I need to finish my engineering degree. Long story short this week of test netted so far: 100 on my mechanics of materials, an 87 on my GIS test, and now a boc. Come on another good grade on my fluid dynamics test, already feel good about it! Yeah what a week!

can’t believe I didn’t get this, it would’ve been my 1st one ever. Then I get this stupid message: Uh-oh. Some stuff sold out and was yanked from your cart. You missed:Bag o’ Crap

Thanks a lot woot!

Wow! I’ve been trying for years and I FINALLY scored a bag of crap!!!


Thank you!! Will find out fluids score on Wednesday night. Now to get the christmas lights put up, was supposed to start early tomorrow, but I can’t sleep to much adrenaline. Took me 3 afternoons last year. Was hoping to go hard at it and just get it done in one day. Would post pics but never figured out how. To thunderthighs, it’s really more like I never took the time to figure it out, I am sorry life has been real… well life. Thanks again

Hey there Wooters! Join us at the main thread for the BOC unveilings.

Yesss I scored a 100 on my fluids test. Figured I post here rather than the other thread. Yeah for me. Boy do I feel good!!!

Also will say it here but nowhere else, wife got a boc on cyber Monday. Not a brand new account, but first purchase. Turned out it was cancelled due to the same address as mine. Yes she was one of nineteen dupes. My question is why, and why do I see several husband and wife’s that both scored a coveted boc, and brag in the forums about who received a better box? What are they doing differently to receive theirs? I want to play by the rules and don’t want a repeat of this last chance for everyone to have their own boc. Congrats to all who receive one!

Wife won’t complain due to who she is, but why did hers get cancelled due to same address but others do not? How do they manage to get separate boc’s but we do not?

Don’t get me wrong i am very grateful for having placed an order thru my account, but my wife scored a boc legitamitaly and then she is denied? And being the husband who suggested to waste her time to get a boc that no matter what she did it was not going to happen. Hate wasting her time, no good results for me.

Very confused husband,

For the record I am not complaining!!! I am just looking for an explanation as to what she did wrong to be denied. I have tried to rationalize the scenario with her but nothing works with her from my mouth. I am male also and as such I am automatically wrong 80% of the time, or at least she says so.

I look at the billing information. If it looks like the same person bought it, then one gets canceled. I’d suggest using payment methods with different billing names.

Thank you TT for the explanation. Will adjust accounts accordingly and use a different cc this one time. We only use one cc to buy online, easier to spot fraudulent charges that way. Had identity stolen in past, got most everything back but took a long time and a lot of grief. Try to minimize exposure after that life lesson. We will try again next time and be thankful for what we receive. Thanks again. Eric

Should I be concerned that my craptendo3ds has not been shipped yet?