Crash Test Droid

Chuckled, unexpectedly.

5 Star safety rating. Mighty fine machine you got there.

Don’t worry. That’ll buff right out.

Woah, this is the first one I’ve noticed the fancy shamncy zoom magnifying glass feature on the picture. I haven’t been on for a few days so I might have just missed it before.

first instabuy for me since December…
Great selection woot
GREAT Design santo76
SOLID mashup

Lolz, funny. Love the crispness of the illustration and the pop of the yellow on the shirt too.

I have a feeling that’s not one of the droids I’m looking for…

Between the Tee and the write up… aw man, I gotta.

Uncle Owen! This speeder unit has a bad motivator! Look!

This made me giggle-snort at work when I saw it, drawing strange looks from my coworkers last night. And now I’ve got a mental image of a Star Wars universe version of Mythbusters staring C3P0 as the crash test dummy.

No driver’s air bag. Probably won’t handle side impact too well. Windshield breaks on impact. No sign of seat belts. Everything checks out. You are good to go.

CP3O seems to fit the bill for a new job opportunity in this slow economy! We all know that he’s repairable. Excellent!

I wonder if Woot! licensed the trademark for ‘Droid’ from Lucasfilm…

I guess the test results must have been promising enough for this guy…

and this other guy (video)…

I love that song Woot, nice parody. :wink: It’s stuck in my head now though. Mmmm Mmm Mmmm Mmmmmm

Aaaww, if only this was an actual Crash Test Dummies shirt.

Who farmed air?

Luke’s Aunt and Uncle farmed moisture from the air on Tatooine.

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