Craving For A Razer

How does one recondition a mouse pad?

Same model deathadder is on Amazon, new, for $45.99 with free shipping.

I bought a refurb’d naga hex last time they came on sale, and the scroll wheel arrived broken. Razer’s customer service sucks, and the process requires several rounds of back-and-forth including sending them a photo proving the mouse is broken. I still have the broken mouse sitting in a box, waiting for a shipping label.

Does the Ouroboros Elite come with the charging dock? The description makes it sound like it does but the specs page makes it sound like it doesn’t.

And does anyone know if the USB cable it uses is shaped in a way that you can’t use a normal one, like on the Orochi? (I’ve had an Orochi for years)

Razer RZ03-00392800 BlackWidow 2014 Expert is cheaper at wallmart $79.95 free shipping. cmon’ woot wheres the value?

Last one I bought on woot was 20.00

They seem to have upped the price since they sell out every time.

I got my “Black Widow Tournament” today. I put in in quotes as what I actually received was the the “deathstalker ultimate,” which is nice and all, but I really dislike the chicklet style key caps and really wanted a mechanical. The ASIN on the box was even the one for the Black Widow :frowning:

Can I know if the items comes with the original packaging? eg: instructions, stickers, charging dock (ouroboros)

Woot, why do you hate me? Why won’t you ship me an Ouroboros?

Depends on where you are?

We no longer ship to AK/HI. It’s a recent change and we still need to update the FAQ.

We can’t ship to APO when the item is drop-ship because they have to ship USPS and USPS doesn’t pick-up shipments. The vendor would have to take all the shipments to the post-office.

In this video overview, at 6:30 she plugs it in. Looks like the plug is rectangular, not like the Orochi (love my Orochi). It may require a slim mini (not micro) USB cord, but it definitely doesn’t have the funky swoop shape like the Orochi’s plug.

Also, This video shows the bottom closer-up, with better lighting just after 3:30, although he doesn’t center it well or hold it still.

Also, do I have a problem? I’m thinking about getting an Ouroboros to reduce the stress to my hand/arm/shoulder rather than dialing back my PC gaming.

Edit: On the other hand, close-uppictures of the cable show it slanted a little towards the back. That probably wouldn’t prevent you using another cable, but it might stick out a little more than the stock cable. I think the biggest issue is width/thickness; too wide it won’t fit, too thick, it will drag on the desktop. Too thin, it might wobble in the socket.

In the first video you link to she says explicitly that it’s mini USB (again, looks like it’s keyed so it must be that cable used) and that the docking station is the wireless receiver for it (~1:45). I guess that means it’s not Bluetooth, and therefore must come with the dock (and cable).

And are her hands that tiny or is that battery bigger than a AA? It looks like it’s the size of an 18650, but those aren’t NiMH.

I’d really like if someone from Woot could please verify this for me, though. I’d also like to know if it comes with any of the additional grip panels. $70 is a lot to be guessing on what I’m getting, and things in this sale seem to be selling out fast.

when i got mine, it came with a FREE premium tank (world of tanks mouse)

YES! I got my keyboard yesterday and it had all of that with it in the original box.

Same here! I’m not sure what’s going on with Woot’s warehouse, but it’s really annoying to deal with this.

I’m sorry for the problem. I’ve let the computer team know about these two cases.

Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

So I ordered an Ouroboros two days ago hoping someone would respond to me before it shipped. Well I’m using the mouse now (absurdly fast shipping) and I can say it comes with the dock, cable, extra side bits, AA battery, and a tiny screwdriver.

It’s not as heavy as I’d like, so I may try to find a way to add some weight to it. I do like that I can adjust the length (rough measurements made it look to go between 4.25"-5.5" with a third step in-between).

I have large hands and a more claw-like grip on mice so I set the length and height in the middle and use the grippy side-bits, not the wing-like side bits. It feels good, but lighter than I’d expect for the size. Not a big problem.

I think I can finally retire my old blue Razer Orochi (bought it before Razer went to green). I’ve had a few issues with the Razer software (like for some reason right now the mouse has stopped working - good thing I’ve still got my Orochi hooked up), but between my Orochi and my BlackWidow Ultimate the software has been incredibly solid so I’m hopeful this won’t be a recurring issue.

Same. I got a deathstalker. I want nothing to do with this keyboard and want my mechanical! Not sure what woot will be able to do for us since the keyboard we all ordered is sold out. :frowning:

Have you heard back from Woot support yet? Are they going to be able to do anything for us sad souls that were sent the wrong keyboard? I really want my mechanical too. :frowning: