Crayola 144 Boxes of 4 Crayons

Crayola 144 Boxes of 4 Crayons

For all the restaurant owners in the house with kids’ menus. :smiley:

B O C? B O C???

Oh…just a regular box of crayons…


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I get these for free at the fancy restaurant establishments I visit.

Shout out to Cracker Barrel.

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Box of Crayons Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Side note: Those don’t appear to be Crayola. Misleading title… further disappointment for those BOC chasers… :wink:

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Those are NOT Crayola.

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I was ready to pull the trigger as well, Box Of

…Woot, just die already.

That sold quick. People (or bots) must have been really tricked by the BOC abbreviation

You are correct.

And you’re a really Debbie Downer.


I was waiting for the hammer to fall. I guess the automatic filter must have switched your original text out with pre-approved customer service lingo.

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This cracked me the hell up! Sold out so fast, SOOO much disappointment for some. :rofl:

Will there be any LE BOC today?

No, those were Friday only.

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Dang, my cat was ready and waiting for one. :heart_eyes_cat: