Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty 3-Pack

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Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty 3-Pack
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I have the Oil Slick kind. This putty is pretty awesome. Someone even scored a ManHand Badge because I was playing with my Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty at work.

“Someone” checking in. I used your coupon code for a tank today. Thanks again.

Everyone at work has at least one tin of ThinkGeek’s Smart Mass at their desk. And I do so want to be like the cool kids… (I currently have TG’s Kinetic Sand.)

Any comparison reviews?

I’m pretty sure Smart Mass & Thinking Putty are almost identical (if they aren’t the exact same thing, that is) Same containers, similar styles/colors, and I really want to say I read somewhere about them coming from the same source.

I’ve got the glass & magnetic Smart Mass, think I’ll pick up this 3-pack (the stuff is fun)

Awesome! I saw your post in the shirt thread. :slight_smile:

I have the oil slick at work, which I play with nearly daily and it’s probably 7 or 9 years old now. I have a ThinkGeek one at home that gets a workout regularly as well. I always assumed ThinkGeek was just rebranded Crazy Aaron’s… on his page he talks about doing custom branding for companies.

This putty has kept me awake at many a meeting :slight_smile:

On a different note, this stuff is great for kids with ADHD or autism as it keeps the kinetic part of their mind busy so they can concentrate on school work or other stuff. My daughter uses “theraputty” (probably similar stuff) at school and will mush it around in her left hand while she works or reads. I am going to order a set of these to use at home and gift one to her teacher.

Over 700 reviews at Amazon

I’m a thinking putty addict! Have both Smart Mass and a couple Crazy Aaron’s, and yes they are basically identical. Crazy Aaron has cooler colors, in my opinion, and this deal has three of his best! I always have at least one out on my desk at work. To me it’s like a stress ball, but much more effective and fun. Often have co-workers coming over to borrow some!

One note: don’t expect too much out of the “magnetic” putty. It’s sort of neat, but doesn’t become a super-magnet.

real men do the same thing. with 230 degree balls of putty. - YouTube

silly putty on steroids??? I don’t get it. $18 for some clay. I’ll pass.

Yea, but can you smoosh it flat on the Sunday funnies and peel off a picture?

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you never played with Silly Putty as a kid!)

Does the magnetic putty come with a magnet?

At this time we can’t confirm it does, or does not. We had the same question, and had already reached out to Crazy Aaron for confirmation, and are still waiting to hear back. We’ll let you know ASAP

Regardless to say, it should work with any magnet.

I’m curious if anyone who has this has combined it with some old bucky balls they’ve got laying around?

Does anyone know if this sticks to or stains paper? I have a co-worker who would LOVE this stuff.

Yeah, I have… the buckyballs don’t seem to be powerful enough to do very much. Think you need a bigger magnet, like what they include in the tins.