Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty 3-Pack

Where did you confirm that a magnet was included in the tins? Experience or contact with vendor?

Hi everyone! Yes, Super Magnetic Thinking Putty comes with a large ceramic magnet IN the tin. You will need this magnet to charge the putty so it takes on its magnetic properties. You can see it in action here: - YouTube

I bought a tin of the magnetic putty from Amazon a few years ago. It came with a cube magnet. Here is a picture of my tin, putty, and magnet with a nickle and penny for scale.

The putty itself is pretty fun to play with, but it is very stiff. You can’t easily stretch it or play around with it as if it was silly putty. Imagine putting your silly putty in the refridgerator for a few hours then trying to roll it around - that is how the magnetic putty feels. It also has iron bits in it, so it isn’t smooth, but with very fine lumps. The putty covers them completely - I’ve never managed to loosen one, then again, I’ve never really tried to get one out. The magnet itself is very strong. The distance from the tin in the photo is the min. distance away I could put it without it flying onto the tin itself.

I hope this helps, a bit.

It’s important to note that we no longer sell the stiff magnetic putty with the cube neodymium magnet. The magnet has been replaced with the large ceramic magnet you see in the product image above or the video I posted above. Because of the change to this big magnet, we were also able to significantly soften the feel of our Super Magnetic Thinking Putty without affecting the magnetic fun. You can see the large magnet at play here:

The kids each got a tin and it’s great. Generally speaking, however, I’d avoid giving it to a kid under, say, 10. Certainly 3+ is way too generous for any sort of unsupervised play. We have tiny bits of the stuff ground into upholstery and occasionally appearing stuck onto shelves etc. If your child is meticulous, then fine, but if you’re not confident that they can always get it all back into the tin when playtime is over…

Crazy Aaron makes Smart Mass for Think Geek so it is the same exact product with different labels. I used to work for Crazy Aaron and I can tell you they are a pretty awesome company. Aaron is a mad scientist, constantly working on new forms of putty. Nice guy too.

Crazy Aaron, et. al.
Can you tell me what this stuff is made of? I bet you can’t give me the exact recipe but just wonder about the basic ingrdient(s) in case it needs to be considered for allergies, etc.
By the way, I ordered two (six tins) so hopefully I will be able to share it with my other significant but sensitive family

Anybody got theirs yet? My ladder arrived quickly but so far no putty.