Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Foxfire/ Krypton/ Gold

I first got a three pack from Woot about a year ago. Since then I’ve acquired an absurdly large collection of Thinking Putty. Every time I think “I really need to stop buying these” and then they come out with a cool new one and I jump on it.

Total fail, way over priced. Almost the same exact thing with different label for a whole lot cheaper.

My husband bought this stuff for my daughter for Christmas. It’s now stuck in the new carpet of our new apartment. If you need to get it out of carpet, you have to put ICE on it and let it freeze and then it should break apart easier.

A little unfair. At $5.22 each, 3 of those other ones would be $15.66. Compared to $19.99 for this 3-pack on woot, it’s not THAT big of a difference. Or maybe you didn’t realize it was a 3-pack?

Read your article, John. Mind blown. Definitely makes me feel good about my purchase. And it’s wonderful to know that work environments like that exist. Kudos to Aaron, and thanks for sharing your article.

It is enhanced in that it is larger sized comes in a tin. Silly Putty didn’t go back to its shape. Its fun to shape things and then squish it back into the tin and then check it out in a few hrs. Also you have versions which are magnetic, glow in the dark, ones that use a uv light to write on it. others have unique colors which can change slightly depending on angle and light. These are really slick. I have 12 different varieties already.