Crazy Aaron's Putty, 12 Mini Tins

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Crazy Aaron’s Putty, 12 Mini Tins
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The kids loved this stuff the last time I bought them on Woot. Between these and the neodymium magnets my friends kids love when they get to visit with their parents.

I really wish you could choose 12 specifics colors because some are really awesome and others are boring. The ones you expect to be cool are even more cool in purpose.

Oooh… These would be awesome to give out at Halloween…

My kids love this crap.

I’m in.

I have a big tin of the Sunburst putty, and I LOVE IT. I use it as a fidget toy to help students focus… I also play with it a lot…

are any of these putty varieties scented?

Will these still work with USB 2?

Ummm … the amount of putty in these is listed as 0.47 ounces. That’s less than a tablespoon worth of putty. Doesn’t seem like a great deal to me.

I think you are mixing up ounces for weight and fluid ounce for liquid volume (I.e. tablespoon). These are most likely ounces by weight. They are a bit fluidly so maybe??. All rolled up it’s about the size of a super bouncy ball

They are not scented. :slight_smile:

Makes great gifts for my Bible Class kids. Bought last year for my class - for a whole lot more- and they loved it.

excellent! thank you.