Crazy Aaron's Putty, 12 Mini Tins

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Crazy Aaron’s Putty, 12 Mini Tins
Price: $22.99
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8/30/2018 - $22.99

Got these the last time they were offered and really enjoy them. I have four of them on my desk right now.

Of course, the hypercolors (change color in heat) and the glow in the dark ones are the most fun.

The Twilight hypercolor isn’t as great as the other two which have a very pronounced change.

The glow in the dark ones tend to need a lot of light for awhile to really work well, but the blue and amber ones are really cool looking once you get them charged up.

The amount in each tin isn’t huge, but I felt like it was more than enough to have fun playing with.

Great stocking stuffer material!

Are these gluten free? PlayDough is not. JW

Are these gluten free? PlayDough is not. JW

according to a comment by “Aaron - special guest” (so possibly company founder/president Aaron Muderick) at
“AARON – Special Guest
12/1/2011 2:24 PM
@Cathy : Hi Cathy, yes, our Thinking Putty is all non toxic and safe around children. We certainly do not recommend mixing putty and pets, but if something did happen, you can be assured that all would be okay. In addition, our Thinking Putty is all Made in the USA so it contains no fillers, no gluten, and no latex.”

I really like these and have I have bought three tins of this size from a toy shop at about $5 each, so 12 for $22 is a pretty great deal - give some out as gifts, leave some on your desk at work, etc. The amount of product in each tin is about 1" diameter if rolled into a ball.

{edited - thank you, ThunderThighs :slight_smile: }

televiper: Thank you for the feedback. I’ll pass it on.

Very dissappointed - they are really mini!!! Definitely fit into the “bags of crap” category

Uhm, the title did say “Mini Tins.”

And the features stated:

Each putty comes in a 2" tin and is 0.47 oz of fun!

Maybe Halloween treats. :slight_smile: