Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty, 12 Mini Tins

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Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty, 12 Mini Tins
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Reviews for 6 pack

I would buy this except that free shipping offer doesn’t seem to be kicking in.

Looks like Woot fixed it. In for 1.

Comments from a previous similar sale

These are cool to play with anyway, but I’ve found it to be perfectly theraputic for semi-arthritic hands. The putty is the perfect consistency for squeezing out some of the aches throughout the day.

In the “In the Box” section of the Specs page, it lists that you will receivce 12 tins, each containing .75 oz. This is of course false as each mini tin contains only .47 oz.
…just a slip by the ad-writer

I bought the smaller set a at the last woot! off. They weren’t quite what I had in mind when I purchased them. What I thought I was getting were some thinking putty or magnetic putty. What I actually got was five tiny tins of clear putty and several colors and glow putty’s to mix in and make different colors. I guess that’s what I get for not reading the whole description. Overall after putting them all together, I had fun squishing it around anyway.

Is that the way this set works? I thought they were all just putty? I’m looking for something like silly putty, which we use to keep our kids occupied when we go out to dinner.

Looks like it was updated, unless you were seeing the .75" dimension listed just below?

UPDATE: JK, I see what you mean, now. It’ll be updated shortly.

That was a different set. These all come as true colors (no need for mixing!)

Pity the poor intern who received the email, “Hey! It’s Woot’s birthday! So take all these tins with 0.75 oz of putty, and take exactly 0.28 oz. out of each one of them, so they weigh … well, I don’t have to tell you, do I? But if you do, check our sales page today. Have fun!”

I have to pass for my own safety. I think at last count I had 17 cans of thinking putty. My wife would kill me if 12 more arrived at the door.

This stuff is fun. Careful about leaving on on wood or clothing. Dont drop on the floor as its like other putty it will pick up dirt. They are fun to do different things with. I have made some things and then watch it slowly flatten out in the tin. You can get the colors within the putty to swirl if you roll the putty and put it back in the tin.

But this stuff is addicting. i dont even remember where i put my last few tins.

bummer. i received my tins today, and all but 2 colors have a horrible consistency. they “break” and don’t stretch. they are not soothing to play with at all. i had several tins of this putty already and i was buying these as gifts. i’m not sure what i’m going to do now since they other colors are horrible.

i ordered 2 sets, and it seems like all but 2 colors have a consistency issue. even a color i already own and know the consistency of, is weird. even between sets the consistency of colors is off. it is like the putty shatters when stretched. you can get it to stretch maybe 30% of the time, all the rest of the time is breaks in a hard line. it is so weird and unputty like. they are super hard and difficult to roll into a snake. i wonder if these were heated too hot while shipping and were ruined.

i was super excited about this woot, but now i’m just sad. probably more expensive to send it back than to just keep it.

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I had the same issue but I found the more you play with it the better it gets. I assume it’s stealing oil from your hands and making the putty softer over time.

Loving mine, looking for bigger tins now.