Crazy for Kitties!

Yay for kitties!!! I love you woot! Good thing this sale runs for a week, my next paycheck is going to the kitty shirts! I still was hoping for The Artist though…but I have to admit, I want a bunch of these. sigh

Since wootbot didn’t create a discussion thread for this week’s side sale/“Woot Plus” sale, I made one solely so that I could post:


Starting Numbers for shirts:
Super Effective: 4398 (based on Diana’s numbers)
Cool Cats: 2229 (accurate)
Schrodinger’s Cat: 3818 (based on Diana’s numbers)
Finally Caught It: 83
Makin’ Bread: 8655 (includes at least one new sale)
Pure Bread: 1781 (accurate)
Lucky at last: 9265 (accurate)
Actual Cats, HOOOO: 2209 (accurate)
Curiosity: 3761 (accurate)
Schrödinger’s Equation: 8344 (accurate)
Nyan’s Dream: 4426 (accurate)

(“Accurate” numbers either from my January-May sales data or “last purchase” indicates no sales since midnight; MB includes sales between midnight and 12:10PM when I remembered to pull numbers; SC and SE are reverse-engineered based on DianaSprinkle’s numbers)

  1. Finally Caught It - Sold 83

From the original side sale.

Thanks, Diana! And congratulations on having so many adorable kitties in this week’s side sale. :slight_smile: It’s fun to see them all together!

Greaaaaaat … more kitty shirts. Where’s the love for dogs?
But Narf - you have most of these!
And your point?
You don’t have all of them yet!

Another side sale, another “last Wooter” lost. I still don’t know why/how I lost first sucker status for Lucky at Last, though.

Here at shirtwoot! it will evermore be known as the summer of the cat.

I might be able to look up the end sales figures for the other two, I think I was keeping track at that time. It’s good to see my first ever shirt return.

I got a PM from another wooter: the “starting number” for Schrodinger’s Cat is lower than the “closing number” when it was Reckoned, by at least ten sales. It seems like woot “lost” some sales in its database during the redesign (and at least one other shirt had “first wooter” change, too). BTW, is the first Lucky at Last still listed in your purchase history?

ETA: “speed to first woot” for Lucky at Last is listed as 59m 30.117s. That suggests they lost almost an hour of sales. OH WAIT. That means… ZUT ALORS!

ETA2: neuro mentally kicks a tire The “starting number” I pulled for Lucky at Last is the closing number from Lucky’s Reckoning. Because I didn’t think to pull the starting numbers until 12:15 and there were already sales on two shirts, I pulled the closing numbers for LaL, ND, and SC from my data without cross-checking it against woot’s posted numbers. It looks like ND and SC are fine, but I missed an opportunity to see how many sales Lucky lost in the redesign, but it looks like it’s only a few. FWIW, “speed to first woot” is now listed as 0m 34.000s. It doesn’t really matter, of course, except to satisfy my own curiosity about how/to what extent woot broke during the redesign - which I find interesting. Oh well. Few spoonfuls of ice cream and my intellectual curiosity will be frozen!

That is a whole lot of puns in the descriptions.

I’ve never seen the need for an apron, but a kneading kitty might just change that.

Cat picture-posting tiemz y/y?

Ditto! I do have an original run of it … somewhere over here.

Why they didn’t offer Fishbiscuit’s first Woot shirt too, I don’t know, but it does seem that we’ve come upon a fast-track way to get a print at Woot - draw kitties!

If it did, my guess is only one or two, and if anything, it was probably my purchase of it. Is it Woot’s way to help me de-Ramy, I’m not sure, even though I happen to like both of them enough that I bought them on purpose.

If you happen to have a closing number for Schrodinger’s Cat, I’m curious how it compares to the other numbers drifting around for it, but obviously it’s not that important - just my own curiosity - so if it would take more than a few seconds, don’t worry about it.

Shortage of creme Anvil? As for Lucky at Last: did you ever buy a second one? Once again, it doesn’t really matter, but I have a few theories on what happened to woot’s databases (which is why I asked if it’s still listed in your purchase history); I don’t care at all what happened to woot’s database during the redesign; I care dearly about understanding as much as possible about what might cause data to disappear so I can protect the database that really matters to me… especially now that I’m no longer on-site and have to rely on other people (whimper!) to care for it.

Possibly … or saving it for part II. There are still more cat shirts to they can offer!

Lucky at Last … yes, it’s still listed (on page 6 on my account). No, I didn’t aim for last (it switched over by then already), though I did end up with a second copy (with the newest AA tag) … as if I didn’t have enough cat shirts already!

Yes, you’ve previously mentioned around woot that you own a few cat shirts and chose not to aim for last wooter on Lucky at Last. At least, like, a dozen times or more. :slight_smile: Thanks for answering my question about whether both purchases of Lucky are still in your history: one way for data to disappear is running a logical “cleanser” on it, for lack of a better term, that might decide that two purchases by Narfcake must mean an error and “cleaning” an entry out. But it sounds like there’s a disconnect between the backend database and account.woot, at the very least…

Side sale: honestly, I really don’t like cats very much; I’ve previously had allergic reactions that resulted in ER trips, so I’m a bit leery. But all the kitties are so cute; I’m tempted by a Makin’ Bread apron! Anyone’s dog attack their cat shirts? :slight_smile:

I have 3829 for Schrodinger’s Cat which is the same as the other number floating around. So I’m going with woot had a few canceled orders or someone’s credit card had an issue… Hard to tell.

Right now the sales link I have for Schrodinger’s Cat says this:

Debut: 6
Ongoing: 3818
Total: 3824

Debut is a confusing number I think it should sales for the first day but is way too low. It seems to be recent sales as I can add them to 3818 to get 3824.

I have Super Effective ending at: 4398

The sales link numbers for Super Effective are not as useful for tracking the new sales as the Schrodinger’s cat numbers. They are:

Debut: 2919
Ongoing: 1485
Total: 4404

Thanks, Diana. I think your guess that sales for Schrodinger’s Cat started at 3818 tonight is accurate; sales were 3820 when I first grabbed a starting number for SC and that included new sales. Super Effective, however, did not have any new sales (it said something like, “last sale: six months ago” or something like that. It’s interesting that your final number for it is lower than what I would have assumed was an accurate starting number. I’ll adjust the number I listed in my initial post to what you have for it. (FWIW, to the extent that any of this “matters,” the number that matters is the one Narfcake uses.)

I considered the lightweight Nyan hoodie, but the back print looks awfully small… I know that’s as small as it was on the front of the shirt, but on the back of a hoodie, it seems like it should be larger. Like maybe 3x the size it is in the mockup. Maybe it’s just me.

Will probably nab the apron, but no shirts, because I have the ones I want from this batch. No Magic Lamp?! SADFACE. No Too Much Catnip? DOUBLE SADFACE.

Crazy for Kitties part II?