Crazy for Kitties!

I love my procatstination shirt (even though I’d prefer it to not say procatstination across the top) because it’s the world’s softest shirt! I don’t know why, but I feel like the slate gray is the softest color in AA! I don’t know if I’ll get it though, seeing as I bought it the t-shirt for $12 and feel weird for buying it in a tank top version for more money.

I’m SO EXCITED! Super Effective is finally mine! I’ve been hoping since I joined that they would put that one in a side sale.

I know the men sizes (which I like wearing since I’m a big girl) are on the other shirt blank but I had to get one of those for me and then I got the women’s size for my sister.

I’m just happy.

Gosh darn it, the “You weren’t invited” is only available on a tank top, and a unisex one at that. I have wanted that tshirt since the first day I discovered shirt.woot via DoOoMCat’s webcomic Bearnuts. But I clicked the link months after it had been on sale, so obviously it had been reckoned. Now its there, but not on a tshirt. Why woot? Why would you do that to me? :frowning:

Crazy for Kitties: MORE CRAZY

So happy that I can now pickup DianaSprinkle’s Schrodinger’s Cat.

This shirt was reckoned a week after I first found Woot (before I understood how the reckoning worked), and I’ve been looking for it ever since.


There is a MXXL listed currently.

This! Thank you! I came to this thread specifically to see if I was crazy or if other people were bothered by this. Nyan’s Dream is one of my favorite shirts, and I was so excited to see it on a hoodie–but that print on the back is absurdly tiny. Even on the front, I’d prefer the Pop-Tarts be larger… but the back kills it for sure.

Is this an accurate mock-up, then? On the Schrodinger’s Equation hoodie, the print fills up the back. Any chance this is a mistake on Nyan’s Dream?

Muahahahahahaha!! maniacal laughter continues for rest of the day

Mock up is WRONG!!!

Look at the numbers:

Schrodinger’s Equation Lightweight Hoodie
Placement (Back): Centered
Printed Size (Back): 9” x 14.40”

Nyan’s Dream Lightweight Hoodie
Placement (Back): Centered
Printed Size (Back): 11” x 10.59”

There’s no way that print is 2" wider than the other other. Also, if we’re looking at width between 16.5" and 24.5" That image should be at LEAST 50% of the available space, and it’s less than 30% in the mockup.

They appear to me to be about the same width on the mock-ups. I put a ruler up to my computer screen, and they both measure about 1 1/16 inches across. I think that it’s just harder to make out the stars on the Nyan Cat with that heather-like material.

Aww, why isn’t Schrodinger’s Cat on a tote bag? Just think of the puns you are missing out on.

They did put it on the bag, but then they set a quantum order state on the same bag. I’m guessing you ended up with the no-sale version. B)

I’ve been waiting for there to be a Woot!Plus with cats for the longest time! This is awesome.
But why isn’there the ProCATStination
by Anna-Maria Jung “Tee”!!!
Please make another Woot!Plus with more cat stuff please :3

Oooh, good eye! Can someone at Woot weigh in on this please? I’m on the fence, but there’s no way I’m buying if there’s any chance the print looks like it does in the mock-up.

Are you measuring from the edge of the cat’s tail on Schrodinger’s Equation (I’m assuming that’s the widest part)? I don’t have a ruler handy but Nyan’s Dream looks less wide. Even if they were the same, that still doesn’t make sense that the Nyan’s Dream print is listed as 2" wider. Hmm…

The wallpaper blends into the background; if you look very carefully, and measure from the edges of the wallpaper, you’ll see that it spans about half the width of the hoodie, which is about how wide it would be, proportionally.

Sad, because I feel like Nyan should have been the measuring point, not the wallpaper. :frowning:

Ooooh, I see what you mean. When quabaq mentioned the stars, I was thinking the stars on the mobile (and I was confused, haha). Yes, I agree, Nyan should’ve been the measuring point. Oh well, this is probably best for Future Joie, who will have to pay her credit card off at the end of the month. :slight_smile:

Nooooo, I lost last wooter on Nyan’s Dream!

Join the club …

(Lost last on Release the Cuddlin’, Unstealthiest Ninja, Schrodinger’s Equation, and for some reason, lost first on Lucky at Last too.)



What the?! This is Woot … it’s supposed to be Taco Cat!