Crazy for Kitties!

Blame it on the change-over. It says that the first purchase was made in 59 minutes and 30 seconds, and I know for a fact that both of us got one in the first 50 seconds.

But then again, my First Sucker status on Nyan’s Dream still stands and it says 59 minutes as well.

Great. Woot’s response to everyone complaining about cat shirts is to reprint old cat shirts.


Thing is, I didn’t see anyone complaining about cat shirts until they did a side sale featuring cat shirts. And the last 2 cat shirts to be released did so well they jumped to the top 3 in the first DAY on the reckoning. If there weren’t an UnNinja shirt on the list, they’d probably be 1 and 2, and I expect one of them to take the #1 spot before the end of the month.

Well, what else would you expect? Sympathy? This is Woot, y’know! WOOT USE ANNOY! IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Narf’s disclaimer #1: NOT a cat person.
Narf’s disclaimer #2: Apparently has 20+ cats.shirt.woot.
Narf’s disclaimer #3: Also bought cat shirts from Threadless, DBH, and Goodjoe in the past week.
Narf’s disclaimer #4: Expects a part II to this side sale.

A lot more likely to get Dogs v. Cats than Cats Deux: Electric Boogaloo. I think a Vs. Side Sale is up next anyways.

Cat side sale is 100% OK with me! I hope I have enough money with my paycheck to buy a couple more in fact. So far, I’ve only been able to buy Super Effective.

But then, I’m a cat person, and personally am owned by 4…the one cat…cries A LOT! For food, attention, just because…in fact he’s usually only quiet when he’s eating or sleeping lol!

Ahhhh…kitties! I definitely hope to see more, more more!

#3a: Um…and ebay.

Apparently ebay and Goodwill are “technicalities” and don’t count.

YEAH!!! I was another one who bemoaned that Making Bread was not an apron when they had the cooking theme.

Thanks Woot! In for one!

Why, oh why, Woot? I’d love to have Darth Meow but not on a uni-sex tank. I can’t wear them. :frowning:

It would have made a great tote. Oh well, more moeny saved.

Finally the Makin’ Bread apron!! Congratulations ochopika, they have sold out already! I got one of the last ones; it will be quite happy hanging next to the matching shirt (my 2nd ever Woot shirt) and hoodie in my closet. I only wish I could have gotten this apron around Mother’s day when I got The Binge apron. Keep those kitties coming…especially the orange ones, they look just like my cat!

I really wish that the tank tops went above an XL. I would probably buy all of them.

I’m so sad :frowning: Already sold out of Makin’ Bread Apron by ochopika. I really hope the Aprons reappear on the site again someday! I’d love to buy one.

Schroedingers cat on a zip up sweatshirt pleeaase! I’d love to buy the T, but the Anvil T’s look rediculous on skinny girls. I can’t buy another T until something changes. So sad!

What? NO!! Make some more aprons!


Sold out?? NOOOOO!!! I thought I had all week to wait on it.

Please print more? Pretty please? I just want you to take my money, that’s not too much to ask, right?

Aw, man. I missed out on the apron. I was just about to buy one for my mother. It’s really unfortunate that they sold out so early and I hope to get a chance at something that awesome again sometime. Never again will I wait a day to think over a purchase from this website XD

hmmm. tried to buy the catan tote, but got a server error instead. anyone else get an error recently trying to purchase from this sale?

and on the topic of the catan tote, any idea how many catan game sets would fit in the tote? Looking at the dimensions, it appears to be a bit on the smallish side. was really hoping it would be big enough to hold at least the base game and one expansion set.

Going by the given dimensions I would say it would hold the Base game, I don’t think you could cram an expansion set in there too though. Perhaps if you removed everything from the boxes and used the bag as the box.