Crazy For Razer!!

There’s two different prices for what appears to be the same mouse…

Please advise what the difference is between the 69.99 and 79.99 Razer ouroborus ?

Whoops. Fixed.

Any idea which switches the BlackWidow keyboards have with this sale? Razer offers two models: their ‘Clicky’ (basically custom Cherry Blue’s which feel and sound similar to the IBM Model-M click) or the ‘Silent’ editions. Just curious before I buy.

From the Razer website

The Razer Mechanical Switch comes in two types – The Razer Green Switch that is tactile and clicky, requiring a force of 50g to actuate; and the Razer Orange Switch that is tactile yet silent, requiring a force of 45g to actuate.

The specs for the mechanicals (Black Widow models) say 50g actuation force, so that would be the “green” switches, which are basically Cherry Blues. (I want Browns, so sadness for me.)

Great, soon as you have something that I want and the price is effective for a 90 warranty. I can buy new for $10 more Ultimate Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on Amazon. Same for the mouse.
Thanks but not thanks

The DeathStalker Expert refurb is the same price on newegg with free shipping. C’mon woot - you can do better.

I wish they would do better, I’d be buying