Crazy News!

Asus gets customer thrown in jail after she threatens to tell press about its dismal tech support… I can’t believe this.

heres a link

the demand for $5 million in compensation for a broken laptop is what made it sound like extortion, which is the charge under which she was jailed.

i think the 5 mil is compensation for defamation of character, as well as for her craptastic shouldn’t have been sold to the public computer.

I don’t know…

" Huang and her lawyer, Zhou Chengyu, demanded that ASUS to pay a compensation of five million US dollars, threatening to break the news to the media and take ASUS to court.

Asus, according to the report, then contacted authorities and got her thrown in the clink. "

as i read this, it seemed the 5 mil was demanded before asus contacted authorities.

thats the difference between the U.S. and China, she got thrown in jail for 10 months for something that was never proved, it was just a testimonial, which is why there was insufficient evidence to keep her there. However, the government still had her thrown in jail per request from the computer company which is the part I see as messed up. And lets think about this, a Chinese citizen sueing the Chinese government… yeah, good luck Huang!

anyway, thats one reason America is such a great country!


What does gitmo have to do with this?

you know, that’s a good question, and I’m glad you asked it.

you see… My uncle use to tell me this story… When the fish aren’t biting, it’s time to move to a new fishin’ hole. Simple as that…