Crazy Straw

What’s the point of a straitjacket on a thing with no arms?

This is what comes of too many years of punk kids telling him to “get bent”.

This seems rather ironic… Hannibal had to eat through a straw in that get-up… This crazy eats straws…

That doctor really should calm down. They caught the crazy straw; there’s no need to get all bent out of shape.

whines I was hoping for something a little darker!

Why, hello Clarice! You can use this crazy straw to enjoy a nice Chianti. Sluuuuurp!

This is an awesome shirt!

I’ve seen crazier…

Well, the other ones have arms, so he probably does too. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone who voted for it! I’m going to go dance in front of the mirror now.

They’re trying to straighten him out!

His head’s not secure! Someone, please, restrain him!!!

Congrats, TGentry!!

Very nice job, Travis! I was hoping this would print; definitely gonna have to be in for one.

Good thing he’s only that twisted. Could you imagine what evil he’d be capable of with a couble of loops?

The design is clever, but I don’t think I would actually wear this in public.

LOL, I am amused the the insane one has a unibrow. Never trust anyone, or anything, with a unibrow. Aussie 'Nads that, man!

Congrats TGentry, I love this one!

Love the Hannibal Lecter reference. I wouldn’t wear the shirt, though.

Poetry nerd moment coming up:

Does the artist write-up remind anyone else of Dance Russe by William Carlos Williams?

anyone else notice that the “nurse” is slightly bent? I work in mental health myself, and you do go crazy after a while.