Cream Filled Horror

taternuggets! This one everyone will get. It’s great!

Great job with the look of horror on his face. But it just makes me hungry.

I got it. I laughed. Shirtwoot sees my darkness.

Cowboy minions rule.

Congrats on your first first-place finish, Tater!

Death of a cream filled pastry shirt: Take Two.

The twinkie is a lie.

Nice win for Tater especially given his avatar. At last we see the dark truth behind why Gru had so many minions. He wasn’t looking for help, he was looking for stockpile should Hostess go away again…

I laughed, I cried, I had a pastry.

GREAT design!

Woohoo! Thanks everyone! Gonna be a Merry Christmas for the tater tots. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the votes and support.

Thanks, but it’s actually my second one. :slight_smile: My liberty mordor one also took first.

congrats tater!

Congrats taternuggets!


Ah yes… That moment in life when one becomes aware of the fact that we are merely creme-filled sacks of pound cake, delicately held together and always just moments from our own expiration date.

This minion will grow strong and wise, likely to become something greater- IF, he can get past that madness that now grows, ever present, in the back of his mind…

Grats Tater- I was rooting for you!

I’m sorry, maybe it’s just cause it’s friday and I’ve had a messed up week, but am I the only one had to take a double take at this image at first?



Reminds me of a pic the husband took by mommyster, on Flickr

Reminds me of the Donut Panic shirt.

Love the design. This is the first shirt in a while that I have seriously thought about purchasing.