Cream Filled Horror

We all want to know- did you use the cintiq on this one too?

I Did!

You guys are mean only letting me buy 3 of these. I wanted 5 since there are 5 of us…

(WAH) - guess the 3 kids luck out on this one.

Your husband could sign up for an account and purchase them for you and him…

Donut Panic is one of my favorite shirts (not just from Woot, but all of my shirts). I love the Minions, so this was a no brainer for me! My wife gets so mad whenever I wear Donut Panic because just about every single woman that passes stops to look at it. Men, buy this shirt and become wildly popular with the ladies.

:smiley: He agreed. :smiley:

We now get to be a full family of Cream Filled Horror!!!

Woooo, congrats Taternuggets!

Taternuggets made a Minion shirt. I love it, as my daughter calls tater tots “Minions”.

Oh man, I’m worried that I’ll only be able to use this as a wall decoration. I only bought one shirt from WOOT–the Indiana Jones discovery of the Carbonite Hans Solo-- and the shirt was so thin and clingy that I can’t wear it! I love these shirts and THIS DESIGN makes me want it too, but I am skeptical because of the material of the last one… WWAAAAHH!!!

Yep. I went back in history and looked up the fiber content of the last shirt I bought. And… rats.

funny my first thought was Lament of the Kiwi

Can this be ordered on a tote bag?

Currently, no. But keep checking back for a side sale that includes totes; this design might pop back up.

Congrats on taking first, tater! Have a merry tater Christmas. :slight_smile:

First day sales: 1341

Thanks again everyone!

I don’t get it.

Out to prove me wrong? Should I just call you your name? :stuck_out_tongue:

AWESOME! I had to share on Facebook.

Minion mondays will never be the same again;)