Creative Airwave Portable Bluetooth NFC Speaker

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Creative Airwave Portable Bluetooth NFC Speaker
Price: $24.99
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Question… Why does the video that is linked to this blog state this speaker has a seven hour battery life but on the description from Woot it says 12 hour battery life?? Could someone please clarify that for me… Five hours is a huge difference! Thank you

It looks like the Airwave HD only gets up to 7 hrs of battery. Since this is not the HD version, it should get up to 12 hours depending on volume and usage.

What is the difference between this Airwave and the Airwave HD?

is this speaker stereo or mono?

The only differences I am seeing is the HD model allows for 2 simultaneous bluetooth connections, which this one does not. The HD is slightly smaller and weighs slightly more, and has worse battery life. I’m assuming the sound quality in the HD is better but couldn’t find a review or specs to confirm.

This should work well with the new iPhones. All of you new iPhone users welcome to 2012 in technology.

Sucks BIG TIME that this is $24.99 and not $25.00 - Can’t use the $10 off $25 coupon from Amazon Local. I hate when companies do that.

But does the new i-Phone 6 even do NFC yet?

From the woot page:

Someone cut and paste from the wrong page or do we have to arrange delivery?

I do not see any reference to power save in the specs. Am I overlooking it or will the speaker just drain itself after I drift off to sleep and music stops playing?

The Airwave HD has high definition video so the picture is much sharper than standard definition, or maybe it’s just more marketing hype as HD does not mean anything for an audio product.

The iPhone 6 and 6+ do, in fact, have NFC, (it’ll be used for the new Apple Pay functionality.)

I’m not sure that confirms that “one-touch pairing” of this speaker will also work with the devices, though. I have to imagine that software is required for that. And no one has an iPhone 6 or 6+ yet to confirm. They start shipping on Friday.

Anyone have a better idea about this to share?

how does this speaker compare to a jbl flip or a jam box? i’m looking for something basic for road trips, and being able to charge it from my car adapter would be nice.

By 2012 technology, you mean fingerprint sensor, which only one Android device has, or Find my iPhone, which Android came late to, or Geofencing which Android didn’t adopt until later as well, or the Apple Passbook, which Android also adopted after Apple, or no carrier-specific crapware like many Adroid phones come with, or a larger App Store?

IDK, the things Apple has offered in the iPhone have been amazing, and the things they haven’t or are just now offering haven’t been missed all that much. Honestly, who REALLY uses NFC? Tap to pay isn’t even mainstream in the U.S., so Android users can’t even take full advantage of it, either. Why come to the ball game at Noon, if they players aren’t on the floor until 5:00?

I’m not bashing Android; I have those devices, but I don’t get why others bash Apple, when it doesn’t at all matter, considering Android is later with certain features as well…like the whole smartphone concept in the first place. Just saying.

This may work with iPhone 6 series, since it now is NFC compatible; however, it also may not. Early releases of iOS 8 don’t have access to the NFC controller for devs. I guess we’ll see at release. Now, if this uses Near Field Audio, rather than Near Field Communication, then it will work just fine.

Thanks for spotting the inaccuracy.

Woot Staff has corrected the issue (edited the blurb).

How do I order one each of 3 different colors? $5 to ship each?