Creative Flow

Chock full o’creativity. I thought the headphones were supposed to keep that sort of thing from leaking out ; ) And I like the turtle that looks like it’s enjoying flying.

Games, space, nature, memes, math. That should get everyone’s demographic.

Blarg, love seeing qetza win but I really preferred his valkyrie design.

terrible writeup tonight. sorry folks

Wow! Last week 2nd place, this week 33rd place. The editors are really keeping us on our toes!

! I see pi. This makes me happy.

Awesome shirt, however: “Run! And don’t breath!” I think you should doublecheck that, Woot.

Dude that’s just plain awesome.

I really appreciate it when a designer explores how the creative process would look thematically expressed on a tee shirt. Sometimes it seems like the ideas are just seeping out of every pore, and I feel this shirt captures that well.

A really nice variety of crosshatching techniques… great texture.

I still love the turtle shell the best out of all. But all and all the details are great.

Congrats on the print!

pretty sure he is wearing glasses, dann.

The effect of objects floating above and emerging from the thought waves show the randomness and flow of creative process well. Congrats qetza on your second print in two three weeks. I like this kind of unexpected editor’s pick.

I SEE IT NOW! Thanks!

Yeah, I noticed that too.

Woot, since you guys aren’t idiots, I’ll let this slide as a presumed typo. But if I see a lose/loose slip-up tomorrow…


I would absolutely buy this if it just wasn’t brown. I just don’t like brown shirts. Sorry :frowning: Brilliant design though.

Beautiful detail and creativity. Congrats, Qetza!

would be nicer in royal blue but i like the idea

It does have a little something for everyone - and unlike some of the others, I like brown. Nice!

I also agree with yellowhaze, though: “RUN! AND DON’T BREATH!” is an oops. It should read “RUN! AND DON’T BREATHE!” Now, breathe. And fix it, please, so we can get that creativity flowing again!