Creative Labs Bluetooth Phone Headset – 2 Pack



Is it just me, or are woot’s servers all of a sudden MUCH faster than before?

Another 2 For Tuesday !

…and another headset…no thanks…


Bluetooth is overrated.


these look ancient…bleh…


still wires to contend with… guess I will wait for the ear pod style for my new razor… soooo close!!!


this again, just had this recently. crap


Wow, these bricks makes those on-ear, blue-led, blinky, ugly things look… elegant…


Headset??? I guess I need to get a home phone again instead of my cell phone. No thanks!


Bluetooth with a cable? Not… not even with a bluetooth phone!

Not quite sure what to make of it…


What’s the point of wireless if there’s still a wire?


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Creative Labs Bluetooth Phone Headset – 2 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Creative Labs Bluetooth Phone Headset - CB2455


What’s the point of this thing? I don’t understand what it does.


What is this?



Creative Labs CB2455 Bluetoth Headset - $49.00 - PineComputer


Makes me wish my phone wasn’t so old enough that Bluetooth isn’t an option.


I fail to see how these things work… can someone please tell me how it’s supposed to stay in your ear without fallin’ out… and without having to have that huge control dongle hagin’ and flappin’ around everywhichwhere?


you would have to pay me to take these off your hands woot.
I got the 2 body glove earglove ones for 25 dollars shipped…and I got 2 of them. Much better deal.


Why in the world would anyone need 2 ugly headsets???


Since I spent $145 on a sound system from Creative, that died about 14 minutes after the warranty, I won’t EVER buy anything with their name on it.

Even the cheap Fatal1ty mouse!



Was that a glitch just now that caused me to see a different product for all of about 10 seconds, or just pure orneryness? What gives, Woot? Quit being a tease.