Creative Labs I-Trigue 2300 2.0 Speaker System

They sure do look slick…I wonder if they sound decent.

Amazon users gave it 3.5 stars.

Reviews here:

$44 on Amazon. Good reviews:
amazon link

I am still waiting for woot to offer a 2.1 system, my bass needs an upgrade.

Ya, I wonder if these would work as computer speakers

Anyone have any experience with these? I am looking for a pair of desktop speakers for work that are well shielded. My Blackberry Curve constantly treats me to the epileptic bee sound no matter where I put the dang thing.

In for one. Girlfriend needs a pair of speakers for her laptop, and I’m cheap. These sell for ~$45 on Amazon.

actually Amazon is 87 dollars

they’ve been in a few woot-offs, I believe. There should be some background info for them.

120 Hz bottom end response??? the crappy 2-fer earbuds on regular go down to TWELVE Hz.

That’s a marketplace seller, not much different than buying off ebay, they can set whatever price they choose.

And if you read your link, it says its sold and shipped by a 3rd party company using amazon’s selling service, not sold by amazon themselves.

You’re looking at the product info for a third-party reseller. Here is a link to the Amazon page:

Who shows measurements on products in centimeters?

Ear buds go low because they are in your ear. I would be surprised if these speakers even get to 120HZ, maybe at -30db

Before you spout off learn a bit about audio or you will come off looking like a horse’s _______

Who cares how low it can go if it sounds like poo? Also, most humans can’t hear anything below 20Hz.

Ya, they do work as computer speakers.

Speakers need to be louder, which requires more power and more powerful speakers - exponentially so for low frequencies. Earbuds are going to have a better low-end frequency response than equivalent speakers since they dont have to push out as many dB (and also have the advantage of having to push air only a matter of centimeters).

Not only can humans not hear 20HZ (you may feel it) little popular music even hits a 60HZ note…

Speakers like this have no real bass response. The drivers are the size used to reproduce mid frequencies not bass. These are not serious speakers and Creative is not in the serious speaker business.

They are 25 dollar speakers! You will get 25 dollar sound.

I’m currently watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics with an S cable connected to my TV and really dislike turning up the volume on the laptop and overpowering them with that annoying buzzing when they’ve reached their peak. Hopefully, these will solve this issue and give me a much better experience of watching all types of media from this laptop.

Seems like a mediocre Woot.

For the price you should be able to get a subwoofer included (which you can then choose to use or not but it really helps deepen and enrich the sound.)

I have a great set of Logitech 2.1 speakers with subwoofer that I picked up on sale for about $20 awhile back. So by comparison, meh