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Creative Labs Live! Cam Video IM Pro [Refurbished] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Creative Labs Live! Video 640×480 USB Webcam

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Will this work with linux? My last webcam didn’t and had to be returned.

Mixed reviews on Amazon

I used to have a webcam very similar to this one also made by Creative Labs. It’s quality is fairly good if all you’re concentrating on is taking pictures and streaming such as Skype.

Beware: I used to own this camera, but it was not compatible with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit so I had to get rid of it when I upgraded. I don’t know if they’ve updated it since then, but it did not work at the time.!+Cam+Series&prodID=16904&prodName=Live!+Cam+Video+IM+Pro+(VF0410)&bTopTwenty=1&VARSET=prodfaq:PRODFAQ_16904,VARSET=CategoryID:218

I don’t care about the software, but is there any reason the camera wouldn’t recognized on a Mac? I’d think it should just be picked up as a standard USB camera, right?

om in for II.

You didn’t do it right. The only thing’s that are not compatible with Linux are application specific devices.

I have this camera - they do not have a Windows 7 driver for it. [ Correction - not this exact camera. I have a V0220… looks like they DO have a Win7 Driver for it!]

BUT. The XP/Vista driver installed in compatibility mode on Win7 Prox64 did the trick. Works great once again!

As long as your running OsX 10.4 Tiger or above you shouldn’t have any problems.

With Linux, just look for UVC cameras. They work with Windows, Linux, Mac, etc with no additional drivers needed.

This camera does not appear to support this standard and will most likely need drivers, depending on the exact revision of this camera.

Quick start user guide.

Beware installing this on a work PC.
One of the guys in the helpdesk department flips out on people installing webcam software. Apparently he had some bad experiences with the crapware they come with.

Then again, he flips out about the coffee being too hot as well.

:pc: Technology Corner :pc:

Turn your PC into a surveilance system!

I caught people stealing $120,000 worth of equipment with a $20 webcam and free software (For personal use, businesses require a license, just contact him). It’s motion sensitive, can be set to loop over itself like a VCR, can handle as many cameras as you want, does text overlay onto the pictures it takes with date and time, etc.

The software I used was called
from a guy named Brooks Younce (nice guy). He has a new version called
MJPEG Surveillance.

I highly recommend both of these pieces of software.
(Commercial use needs a license. Just, you know, if it’s worth it to you you should pay him. Especially if it’s going to be protecting your business. We did.)

Note that you can also use USB cable extenders if the camera needs to be away or hidden. We used a 6 foot one.

good point.

how do i know whether woot is selling a uhv VF0410 or the older VF0230?

i want linux support!

How did you burn the DVD if they took the laptop. Did you somehow forward the frames after they were taken?

This sounds promising.

I don’t think the issue about the Xacti being used as a webcam was ever resolved… so I might be in for one.

This will be great for chatroulette.

Laptop was hidden and was a really, really horrible old one too.
In addition, Images were stored over the network onto a server in a much more secure area.

Note to confused people: My post used to have more detail about the incident. I removed it.