Creative Labs Live! Cam Video IM Pro

Not want!!

i bought 1 carp for my roommate so he can use this on chatroulette heh

his bday is monday
just tryin to help this woot-off along too


One item sooner and I could have shared the video of me hitting myself with the tazer!

This just made me sleepy…my dog where I should be…

the story with this one is pretty damn funny.

There’s already too many cameras everywhere.

Why would anyone buy this?? Every lap top I have seen for the last 2 years has a webcam built in and the desk tops, you buy one of thos and most places throw one in for free in the bundle!!

its pretty cheap tho

i just bought a cam at Best Buy for about 70 bux. My PC did not come with one.

The story is frakkin awesome!

So which is the real warranty?

90 days like the woot text says, or 30 days like it states on the packaging?

Why does the “I Want One” button not work for me?

Ears made you sleepy? :slight_smile: try resizing it to a 550x400

I should get one of these so I can record myself singing “Father Figure” by George Michael and send it to Frank Stallone.

Many of us build our own desktops. Lol, I for one dont have a webcam. But I’m also not the prettiest person to look at. :-p

Great story. Nice webcam too. My laptop didn’t come with a webcam btw.

Will it work with my Proscan TV?

Whoops!! There ya go:

methinks this is an epic fail