Creative Labs Live! USB Web Cam

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At first glance, I thought woot was selling those cute and deadly android sentries from Portal.

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“Could you come over…here?”

Are there practical differences between the 3? Or is it just appearance?

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Warning! I own this camera and it does not work with Windows 7 (64bit)

I have not found a driver that will support it nor does creative offer one

Great, now I have to buy it.

EDIT: Doesn’t work with 7? Nevermind.

Does this have built in Mic?

Well, Woot listed only 1 set of specs for the VF0220 and VF0230, so it looks as if WYSIWYG. Read down on the item page for the other model.

Windows 7 - Driver Availability Chart

Windows 7 Forums

This webcam does too work with Windows 7. See the following forum link:;jsessionid=7A5AEEC0F7323852658812809234D92D

Wasted $10. I should have read farther below. I guess it could be worse-I might get it to work with the Vista laptop.

I recently got a Windows 7 PC and have noticed a few things I own do not have drivers for Windows 7. I’m the type to think “I can find a workaround” but extensive online searches only bring others with the same issue and no solution. I’ve been wanting a new webcam but it’s not worth the frustration of trying to get this to work.

I read in an Amazon review that this cam doesn’t work with Vista. Can anyone confirm?


Does any one know if this will work with the XBOX 360?

WOOT! sent me a five dollar ($5) coupon to use on any WOOT! site and since I don’t have an XBOX 360 cam, maybe this will work.

Yes! It took awhile to find the answer, but the support page for the VF0220 says "# My Live! Cam is unable to capture audio from another recording device.
Once installed, Creative Live! Cam automatically becomes the default recording device on your computer. To select a different recording device, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Sounds and Audio Devices.
  2. Click the Audio tab.
  3. In the Sound recording box, select the device that you want from the Default device list box."

Vista driver for the VF0220 here

edit: some of those reviews go back as far as 2007, so I wouldn’t worry about them.

Hmm, that thread has ONE guy saying there is a driver for Windows 7 (in September 2009) with a bunch of other people not being able to find it and no actual link to the driver. Their official list of drivers was updated in June 2010 and I can’t find these model numbers on there.

To add to my earlier comment about switching to Windows 7, I was looking for a driver for a Netgear device and found a couple forums where someone would say they found the driver and how it works now with no details or link. Why do people do that? It’s so frustrating.