Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi PCI Sound Card

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi PCI Sound Card
$34.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New (HP OEM)
product: 1 Creative Labs/HP Sound Blaster SB0670 X-FI PCI Sound Card

old hardware hitting the shelves?

HP OEM? Is it as hard to find drivers for this in 3 years when HP takes the drivers off their sites and cant install it? (Like when SB Live 5.1 OEM first came out)

Kinda doubt this will work with either my XP-64 or Linux boots.

Does anyone have experience recording with this card?

I currently run a mixing board through my onboard line in. Very ghetto recording studio, one track at a time, manually lining up tracks. Is this product mainly geared towards “output”, or will it make my recording experience somehow more gratifying?



Is this just for gamers? What would this do for a average web surfing, music downloading, checking email, computer person like myself.

You could find this cheaper elsewhere especially using Google Checkout.

Lengthy Google link

This card wouldn’t help you at all.

na just go to creative web site and look up fx extreme music drivers and there you go. rember that creative card driver for vista are disabled, cause they don’t like how vista sound is. so creative no longer can hold eax over the heads of the devopler of games. good luck. this is a good card i have it, but took it oput when i found out that they cripple drivers so you have to buy the top card.

I have no idea how much tracks you record and line up this way, but if it’s relatively low (like <5), then why don’t you put many PCI cards (or many USB sound cards) in your computer ?

According to the product description it looks like this card only has one line-in (and it’s in the multi-function jack).

==> Buy 3 :wink:

Creative’s drivers will not install drivers for OEM cards. Google for the infamous Sound Blaster Digital Live 5.1 OEM (Model SB0220). Even though these cards have the SoundBlaster chipset and sold as SB cards, they are not made by Creative, thus when you try to install the card, the drivers installer will error out saying there is no compatible devices detected on your system and exits. HP removed the drivers off their site around 3 years after they were putting them in their systems and alot of people were screwed. Luckily Dell has the same cards in some of their systems and still has the drivers on their site. But thats just for the SB0220, there’s still 4 or 5 more cards since then that people can no longer find drivers for (unless they pay for them through a drivers website) or dig deep into Google till they find a download link.

Also looking through Google on this model, it looks like this card has a bad rep of dying and ALOT of problems with this card under Vista.

It’s usuallya dummy track followed by two guitars, bass, drums, vocals and backing tracks, etc. Standard rock band crap.

Multiple inputs isn’t what I need, I’m more curious about the quality of the A/D conversion and input quality.

Also, I’ve never tried multiple sound cards. Google, here I come.

Let me just dig out my PCI slot that I was saving for this

so is the actual xtreme muisc card, jut oem??

If so , this is a darn good deal…but refurbished ones sell for $50 directly from creative.

I always found that built in soundcards on any decent motherboard were good enough for me. I suppose if you have a 5 point surround sound system it may be worth it, especially for audiophiles or gamers, but not the general population…is that about accurate?

XP driver

i think this can help you out good luck. it is for this sound card.

I tried multiple sound cards - it just works, as long as the software you use supports it.
This article on Wikipedia shows the SNR for different cards in the X-Fi line.

Given that these cards are 96KHz, 24bits, and with a relatively good SNR, the audio quality should be good. Remember that CD quality is “only” uncompressed 44.1KHz 16bits.