Creative Labs TravelSound Portable Speakers with MP3 Player


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I dunno - is this thing any good? No display…

must find a review… the only downside I see is that it is MP3 only, and not WMA - a problem for me - might be okay for you.

and it is USB 1.1, but who cares for this application.


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i can’t believe i actually printed this out and put it up in my room…for a higher res picture where you can acutally read the text, email me at

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same-ish price on ebay


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Cool! Portable speakers.


Creative TravelSound Portable Speaker w/MP3 Player
You’ll be lip syncing like Ashlee Simpson in no time.
$34.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
This Creative Travelsound MP3 32MB Portable Speaker gizmo will enhance the quality of laptop audio, or bust out the erstwhile private jams on its built-in MP3 player or almost any portable music doo-dad. But why, you ask?

See, because now, wearing those outsized earphones around, looking like Lobot’s dopey cousin, the tunes sound great to you. But people see you popping your neck to beats they cannot hear, and they think you look kind of crazy—and not in a cool, dangerous way,
either; but in a way that makes them uncomfortable because they’re empathically embarrassed. There’s a word for this condition of yours, and the word is: weirdo.

But with your compact portable speakers, you can turn the power of funk on those who would judge you. “Hey, everybody,” you’ll say, “let’s party!”

And you’ll make your personal dance track public, and all of a sudden the tables will turn. Your subway car will be like the 18th green at the end of Caddyshack. And then the only “weirdos” will be those wallflower squares who just will not shake it.

Includes: TravelSound MP3 player, Quick Start Guide, Power cord, Installation CD, Universal AC Power Adapter, Carrying Case, USB Cable, and 3.5mm stereo-to-stereo cable.

Features: Perfect for travelers

Unique, one-piece design

Two premium titanium drivers for incredible clarity

Digital amplifiers for longer battery life

Can be used as a standalone MP3 player or with other portable music devices and notebooks

Built-in SmartMedia card slot can expand your memory to up to 160MB

Echinacea (not included) may also enhance memory. Just so you know.

Microphone for up to two hours of voice recording—perfect for interviews, lectures, personal notes, and blackmail schemes

Stereo jack

Headphone jack

Monterrey Jack (available separately)

32MB built-in memory allows you to store and play back up to an hour of your favorite music on the go

USB Support: Easily connects to your PC to download your favorite music at a supported rate of 32kbps to 320kbps

Tiny digital amplifier requires only 1/3 the power of conventional linear amplifiers resulting in great-sounding audio and up to 20 hours battery life

Wide Stereo Effect: Expand your soundstage for a broader listening experience for all of your stereo content

Choice of using the included power adapter or four AAA batteries (available separately)

New, retail with 1 year Manufacturer warranty


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