Creative Labs Vado 4GB HD Pocket Video Camcorder with Accessory Kit

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Creative Labs Vado 4GB HD Pocket Video Camcorder with Accessory Kit
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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What would you want to record your pocket for?

Rechargable batter?

Is that cake or muffin batter?

Is the cake batter a lie?

this is great for the ladys changing rooms!!!


In the box:

(1) Creative Labs 73VF058400013 Vado HD 4GB Pocket Video Camera – Red
Silicone Skin
Rechargeable Batter <----
USB Extension Cable
AC Power Adapter
HDMI Cable
Zippered Case

As in “Cake Batter”???

Rechargable batter - just what I was looking for to make those electric pancakes that I have been dying to try.

Ooooo! It comes with rechargable batter! Unlimited pancakes and waffles!

4 stars on Amazon. Great price for a graduation gift or fathers day right around the corner.

I’m thinking a three day woot off…

The rechargable batter is so much better than the ones that arent, since a dead batter is such a waste.

mmmmmm Batter …

Everyone knows, of course, that the Random Crap will be offered during Jeopardy tonight. It creates a dilemma; miss one of Alex’s answers while trying to hit that one in a milion shot, or have no chance at all. Decisions, decisions.

Good price for what it does. I have the 8GB one. The audio isn’t great and it doesn’t have stabilization like the new ones, but for the price I don’t think you can go that wrong. Then again with everyone owning iphones and droids these days, within a few years these things will be a distant memory.

Now I want a doughnut…

Here is a CNET review…as long as the color doesn’t change functionality :slight_smile:

This is about $5 cheaper than Amazon. Not that great.

Is everyone going to pick on “rechargeable batter” and ignore “lightweight video canera”?

In for one. Cheap enough for throwing into a plastic bag of sorts & taking on the water for sailing, surfing, and frozen water snowboarding.

I’m a big fan of Creative Labs products in general. Been buying their MP3 players for years. I might even think about buying this thingie…if just for the batter.