Creative Labs Vado 4GB HD Pocket Video Camcorder with Accessory Kit

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Creative Labs Vado 4GB HD Pocket Video Camcorder with Accessory Kit
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I have this Camcorder, I pretty much like it.
It’s a beginner one. Very easy to use with all the accessories coming with it. You can get still pic’s off the video. Husband knows how to do that.

Do I need a pocket video camera or will my droid take video just as well as this will

I don’t know about you, but the camera on my droid sucks so hard it can’t take a picture of anything that isn’t 4 inches from the lens.

I almost bought this thing cause I wouldn’t mind a flip type cam but it’ not really mac compatible…at least not easily.


My girlfriend actually has one of these, it’s pretty nice to have around because she just keeps it in her purse, you never know when you’ll need a camera… well, I never need one, but she does…

Anyway, it’s pretty useful just because of what you said, the droid camera blows, but it also kills the battery really quick…

If this would have popped up earlier I would have jumped on it, but I just found out that I am taking my car to the shop tomorrow and now I am hesitant to spend any money.

/cool story bro

I would be ashamed trying to make anything of worth using this. However, I have two of these and they are for emergencies, in the likely event a policeman is going on a power trip, or someone is getting hurt and I must prove my innocence in self defense of a third party, car accident, etc.

Ugh, I know the feeling man. I just had to dump my car in a junkyard and get a new one ('99 with a transmission problem) so I’m broke as balls right now. Just holding out for that magical 8 dollar item…