Creative Labs X-Dock Wireless Music System for iPod

I don’t have an ipod, I don’t want an ipod…I hope this thing lasts a while. I need a break, a pair of warm socks, a warmup on my coffee, and an item to be put up long enough for a good, hot shower, too.

W00t gods…are you listening, by any chance? An item that lasts about 45 minutes would be perfect…

yes, something good, too bad it doesn’t work for zune though, apple bites

wow, no one wants to touch this…

You could complain about it.

Or you could buy 3 and be my own personal hero.

$44.99 at Buy dot com

October? These things have been around forever…


That is UG-LY!



There is more Ipod CRAP…

Reveiwers state that if you have a wireless network stay away as it cause problems.
some reviewer’s on amazon

i would rather have the bacon

OK Kippy - I had to check my list… 4 Random Craps in there and already 2 items yesterday! I also was in on w00t’s “Double Shipped Roomba” episode so I own 2 - even though I originally wanted one. Leakfrogs, Flying Monkeys… yeah - it’s been a full life! :slight_smile:

24973368 11/19/2008 Remington Rotary Microflex Shaver 1 blog discuss
24971534 11/19/2008 Dremel Duo Kit 7.2v 2-Tool Kit with Stylus and Driver 1 blog discuss
24619252 10/17/2008 Cube Memory 4GB Micro SD with Adapter 3 blog discuss
24428932 9/24/2008 Random Crap 3 blog discuss
23694804 6/4/2008 Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System 3 blog discuss
23513867 5/9/2008 Random Crap 3 blog discuss
23227085 4/1/2008 Random Crap 3 blog discuss
23187134 3/28/2008 Screaming Monkey with Pink or Blue Woot Cape 3 blog discuss
23154431 3/27/2008 Philips Portable Speaker System 2 blog discuss
23114136 3/25/2008 Nike Sport Kit Carrying Case for MP3 Players – 2 Pack 3 blog discuss
22940260 2/26/2008 LG Electronics Portable Stereo Speaker – 2 Pack 2 blog discuss
22714116 1/21/2008 Samsung 10.1MP Digital Camera 1 blog discuss
22462038 12/7/2007 Rapid Gear 1:16 Scale GT Pro R/C Car 3 blog discuss
22401818 12/3/2007 iRobot Roomba Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum 1
22343581 11/24/2007 Cardo Scala 600 Bluetooth Headset with Car Charger 2 blog discuss
22307977 11/20/2007 LeakFrog 2-Pack 3 blog discuss
22298063 11/19/2007 iRobot Roomba 4296 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum 1 blog
22250357 11/16/2007 Netgear WPN311 RangeMax Wireless MIMO Network PCI Adaptor 1 blog discuss
22176041 11/6/2007 USB Massage Ball - 2-Pack 3 blog discuss
22030857 10/16/2007 Jabra BT-350 Bluetooth Headset - 2-Pack 1 blog discuss
21969575 10/5/2007 Portable Wine Cellar 1 blog discuss
21847100 9/4/2007 Netgear 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter - 2 Pack 1 blog discuss
21822466 8/30/2007 Random Crap 3 blog discuss
21815781 8/30/2007 LG HBM-710 White Bluetooth Headset 2 blog discuss
21814538 8/30/2007 Kensington 3 Button Optical Laptop Mouse 1 blog discuss

Adios, amigos.

Voy a dormirme.

Buena suerte.

haha, that’s hilarious, i would’ve totally bought it

God knows we need more Ipod accessories…


i’m not an ipod fan either… if i got an ipod for a present, i’d sell it and use cash to buy zune or zen

i’m so tired

does this work with sansa?