Creative Labs X-Dock Wireless Music System for iPod

There’s a 4 star review on Buzzillions.

… but the Amazon reviews aren’t as nice.

what exactly is this?

The picture should give you a clue. It toasts bread. :slight_smile:

You use it to connect to a home theater system wirelessly

This is cheaper than buying just the dock from Apple.

Yea its nice to have if your really that into moving your ipod around the room.

This is cheaper than buying just the dock from Apple.


i dunno if this works w/ itouch or iphone… however, its a bit useless as it is. Creative used to sell a similar system that used the same 2.4ghz wireless but had a rechargeable transmitter that plugged right into the ipod or other mp3 player. I have two and they still work wonderfully. It’s so much easier to use the ipod/mp3 player itself to select the music and then its transmitted wirelessy to the speakers. Why the ever stopped making that set i have no idea.

I feel like the only person who doesn’t have an iPod to jump on any iPod accessory deals.

is there anyway these can be modified slightly to work with more than just iPods? I know warranty nullification and such, but for 35 bucks, it could be worth it. I’m just curious as to whether it’s been done successfully or not.

Don’t worry my mp3 players of choice are Sansas… only because Woot makes them cheap enough for me to have to go with.

Okay, I don’t get it. So the iPod is too heavy to carry around, and the solution is to get another larger gadget that you can plug into your stereo instead?

I can just imagine the scenario:
(1) plug X-Dock into stereo.
(2) realize, “hmmm… my iPod is in my pocket. I must move it to another room.”
(3) locate dock in the other room.
(4) plug iPod into dock.
(5) return to original room to enjoy music transmitted by the wireless airwaves.

Or perhaps, an alternate scenario?..
(3) notice the AV cable that’s included in this neato kit
(4) disconnect AV cable from X-Dock receiver
(5) connect iPod to stereo using AV cable

Don’t have an ipod since I have the phone, so not today for this product

I have one of these…most of the time it’s pretty useless, but it’s nice if you want to hook up an ipod to a stereo and keep it charged, or if you don’t have convenient audio inputs in your home theater system, like I do.

For you and the guy that said “don’t know if iphone or itouch is supported…”

… learn to read the description! :slight_smile: It clearly states under the compatibility list that the Touch and iPhone are BOTH supported for audio.

i don’t even have an ipod, but i’m actually interested in this because i have a situation where i want two stereos to be playing the same source but i don’t want to wire them together on account of i’m lazy. i see the dock has a line in–can i connect that to the line out of stereo a, hook the receiver up to an input on stereo b, and win?

(this is the problem i would use the soundcast audiocast bundle for if it came available again.)

the fact that it has optical out to the stereo receiver is worth it. DAC in iPod = crap; DAC in Marantz = good :smiley: the 2nd-gen Marantz iPod doc is like $200 @_@

I have my computer in the kitchen and the surround sound system in the living room. it seems I could use this to stream the audio from my computer to my surround sound? That would be worth it. I could have playing for parties and whatnot.

This is a fantastic product, but it’s a real sleeper. If people ever manage to figure out what it does, it’ll sell like hotcakes.

First off, you do NOT need an Ipod to use this! In fact, they make a similar model, the only difference being that THIS one has the Ipod port and controls. Use of an Ipod is COMPLETELY optional.

It will work with ANY audio device. If you have an audio signal – analog, digital, optical – you can pipe it into the transmitter, and the signal will be sent wirelessly to the remote(s), which have an audio OUTPUT. You then connect the remote to your amplified speakers, or stereo, or, just plug your headphones into the headphone jack on the receiver.

I use mine to transmit “Internet radio” so that I don’t have to be in the same room as the computer.

I run the receiver off of a Black & Decker “Pocket Power” inverter – those little battery pack things that Woot sells every so often, which everyone seems to enjoy mocking (which means “more for me!”)

I put the receiver and the Black & Decker power unit into a book bag, and hang it off a doorknob. Oh, I also plug a little FM transmitter (a couple of bucks at the next Wootoff if you don’t already have a few). I then have about a 15’ range from the doorknob – I tune in with my Sansa which sits in my pocket.

Might sound a bit convoluted (but it’s not really), and therein lies the reason that people who COULD make use of this product don’t BUY it. No one seems able to figure it out by looking at the ad copy.

In short, it’s a way to “make wireless” ANY audio source. If you DO have an Ipod, you CAN plug it into the transmitter, and, control it FROM the remote (which has a “stealth transmitter” built in for backchannel comms with the actual transmitter).

If you DON’T have an Ipod, then you can still use the remote for volume control, and power on/off (you can turn off the transmitter via the remote FROM the receiver location).