Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Chair

Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Chair

Looks like the only issue is a zipper failure… Is that covered by the lifetime guarantee noted in the description?

I think I’m going to buy one to store my beans.

Anyone from woot know if the zipper is covered under the “lifetime guarantee”?

eh…what do you mean “from” Woot? You mean people in the forums?

Careful reading of the sale blurb reveals this product has a 90-day warranty.

That picture is just some sales puffery. .

Yep. That’s how those “guarantees” work.

I recently bought a metal detector that I intended to use to find underground sewer drain lines (ductile steel) that average about 24" deep. Under the features this model was listed as “guaranteed to detect dense metals as far down as 36 inches”. This thing barely detected a big chunk of 3/8" plate steel only 4" down. I contacted the company and they said “well, 4 inches is within ‘as far down as 36 inches’, so what’s the problem?”. I sent it back to Amazon for a full refund the same day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


My daughter has had one of these for almost 2 years. They are a great storage tool for her plethora of stuffed animals. I haven’t had any issues with the zipper and she routinely swaps out her different ones.