Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX Sound Card


Friday, December 16, 2005


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Whoa oh aaaaah, listen to the Quality Posts:
[]p1, TechnoButt declares “this is drek unless you need a decent but cheap way to patch a lot of sound sources into your PC”
]p1, kpk021 confesses “Personally I was tempted, but I really dislike Creative Cards”
[]p1, bravo! says “this card is perfect for somebody trying to build a home theater PC!”
]Know your product! p1, IniR1 and jmkash post unflattering info, but about the wrong product! Iraneseth explains
[]p2, MikeReedKS finds a newer, pricier sound card on NewEgg, but straight8 isn’t impressed
]p2, DocThan pastes an uncredited review from somewhere
[]p2, dhillinmkewi says “This is really a terrific deal”
]p2, mnementh explains the difference between the eX and the ZS, and follows up with an awesome comparison chart
[]p2, captivated lays out ways to improve sound performance on a laptop
]p3, RubinCompServ links to a detailed review
[]p3, ZeSunrise speculates that this card may face Java compatibility problems
]p3, LittleTinyMonkey relates a fasinating coincidence


awesome price!!!


Never have understood fancy audio cards…
Sound is sound is sound for my mp3s, I say.

sorry, woot!


Very Nice.

If I were building a new system now, I would definitly get this.





what exactly will this do for me? Is this really nessacarsy for normal viewing, or for audio junkies only?


I <3 my Audigy 2… but it’s just a regular, nothing platinum. Perhaps time to upgrade?


Tempted. That would go nice with my new compaq from 2 weeks ago!


The only thing I understand here is the remote.


I am seriously thinking about partaking in this w00t! computer stuffs are almost always cool


Wow, looks pretty sweet…but with built-in sound cards as common as they are, I really don’t see why the average person would need one.


Sweet! good price too.


very nice … but my pc does not deserve it … i will need to get a new more powerful one …where are the PCs?


Froogle price $148
Woot price: $109.99

Not bad, if only I were in the market…





Why get this when you could get a X-fi extreem music for around 10 bucks more? If you don’t need the external hookups, then you wont need this at all. The x-fi has way more features, and works better in games as well.

Nice price for what it is though.


bleh. onboard sound is good enough for me. 'night all


This is really bad-ass. I have an older version. In fact, I have an extra I never took out of the box (I need to stop stockpiling computer equipment that goes down in value quicker than I can use it).


Once upon a time, I was a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz person. Then I bought a PC with an Audigy 2 card. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :slight_smile: