Creative Zen Micro Photo 8GB Media Player

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Creative Zen Micro Photo 8GB Media Player
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Creative Zen Micro Photo 8GB Media Player

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zune is a better deal…

Eh, these seem kinda old, I think I’ll pass :S

nah, I don’t use the iPod I have now.

I was not impressed with the quality on these units. Stick with the Zune.

Ugly as sin.

Great price rockbox compatible.

Are these any good or should I just run over to Frye’s and buy whatever they have.

Aw man! I just bought the 4gig Sandisk Sansa for the same price. (Awesome player by the way…the sansa that is…) grumble Ah well…such is Woot!

Can I have it?

I have one and I love it… might consider another as a back up. Does it only come in this gray color?

Pretty good deal I think, or so it seems compared to Amazon:

I like my Zune, though, and I can’t think of anyone I would like to give a late 50-dollar Christmas present. I must respectfully pass.

I’m good with my Zune…

There haven’t been any good items on woot all week. =(

Looks Old but its compatible with Napster-To-Go can’t wait it will make life a lot easier than thinking about striping the DRM.

Seems like a good player… reviewed at

great player. bought my daughter this 1 last Christmas for $150. She still uses it all the time. These are selling used on ebay for 50-80 bucks right now. If I hadn’t received my new 4gb Zen V today, I’d be all over this. Stop hatin on the refurb!!!

I got the Sandisk the other day

Why would anyone want a cheap, knock-off Photo iPod?

apparently the person who wrote the description doesn’t like paramore.