Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player


Not thanks. Have a Zune


I will pass… I bought a few media players during the last w00t off…


I know it handles audiobooks, but does it actually have “bookmarking” to save your place?


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player
$29.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player


Rockbox compatible ?


Will it arrive in time for Christmas?


How many songs will this hold?


It looks like an ok deal- Although the Zen V Plus, which does video, is 5.99 more on creatives site. It is also a refurb. Here is the link link

Do not know what shipping is but it does say they have it in stock.


Aww man… I was so excited… i bought 2 of the 4 gigs a couple weeks ago… I just got them and LOVE them… If you can deal with only 2 gigs… def a good bye… A refurb on amazon is 67 or so… (2 gig that is). Highly suggest!!!


About 500 orso… It can also listen to the radio… which is a plus…


I got the 4 gig one a few weeks back. It works quite well


It has multiple bookmarks. It will also hold your place automatically when you turn off the power while playing an audio book or other long tracks (podcasts, etc). I use the 4 gig Zen V Plus all the time for podcasts and Audible books. Love it.


2 gigs is about 1000 songs.


Just to make this clear to everyone.

This is the ZEN V - NOT the ZEN V Plus which does video.

THis unit on Sellout does not do video.


It is amazing how much MP3 player you can get from Woot. For only thirty bucks, 2GB. A year or so ago, I paid eighty dollars for a 1GB audio player. However, I prefer AAA battery Sandisks. Easier to keep them running, with a few spare nicads. Still, a great deal on a keen device. Who needs Apple iPods?


These will sell out guaranteed, debating getting three…
I got three of the 4GB Zen V Plus’s the other day, so these are a little less tempting.



Woot, stop confusing me. You’re selling premium presents at stocking-stuffer prices. Well done on an excellent player.


Whoops, off by 500 or so. I was reading Amazon’s product description, but it’s completely wrong. 1 GB can hold roughly 500 “4 minute song encoded at 128 kbps MP3”. That’s straight from Creative.


ok, so, can these hold a flash card or no?

do they show up as an external drive in windows explorer? drag and drop?