Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player
condition: Refurbished

$29.99 + $5 shipping


this thing any good?

I have an iPod touch, so I guess they all suck compared to that! </god>.


is this one any good?


Midnightbox is the same exact thing except more expensive! (but it is the plus version)


A 2gb ipod cost 3 times as much…and it’s not that much better. I had one of these and it was pretty decent.


i have bought a ton of mp3 players, this is the best deal I’ve seen since those crappy chinese “mp4” players on ebay. This better not suck, or I will be surprised.


I bought these a couple weeks ago here.

They work fine, software is as much fun as itunes.


Zen V

Zen V Plus

Compare. Both are excellent players. I’d prefer the Plus.


any chance it gots FM?


You can get the 4GB version of these on eBay for roughly the same price. A glut of these on eBay because of Woot.


what is the price difference in general?


From the CNet page:

The good: The Creative Zen V offers a cute, pocket-friendly design without sacrificing screen real estate, and the vivid OLED display is viewable from any angle. The player packs in some nice features, such as voice and line-in recording, photo playback, and compatibility with subscription WMA tracks. Oh, and the sound quality is great, too.

The bad: The Creative Zen V’s joystick is really small and has a cheap feel to it, and we wish Creative had included all the buttons found on the Vision:M. The screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight, and there’s no UMS support. Also, you don’t get the FM radio and video playback found on the Plus version.


This is the same as the Zen V Plus minus the radio and video playback.
So, if you don’t need that, then this is a good deal.
Creative sells the 1GB version of this for the same price (also refurb).


Great product, but it seems that we keep seeing these every other day on either Woot or Sellout Woot. Wish we could use it on something other than WinXP.


I’m in for one. Will be a great gift for my 9 year old sons Bday & also this is my 1st woot in '08.


Bought two of these last go around, regretted not buying a third, and really tempted to buy another one now. Speedy file transfers, synch from either Media Monkey or Yahoo Music Engine is snappy and quick. My only dislike of these types of players is finding a recharger when you’re not around a computer that’s set up for it. Considering that every computer and laptop in the house is set up for it, it’s not a common issue.

Battery life is excellent; my daughter perhaps recharges hers once a week, using it every day to and from school. Integration with YahooMusicEngine when using YahooToGo is 100%. Will play wma, unlike the iPod. Using it for podcasts, it saves the position when you turn it off (or it idles off because you left it on pause) picking right back up where you left off. Audio books work just fine as well.

2GB is enough for about 450 songs at 192k wma, which is enough music that I rarely have to go re-load the music for either my wife or my daughter - you do have to relicense the music for YahooToGo once a month though - same with my Dell Axim.

I don’t know if I’m going to buy a third one or not; my PDA handles music files very well, and I have about eight times the storage on it, but this is so small, so handy, that it is really tempting. Especially for use for automatically synching up some podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. If you’re thinking about this for kids, I highly recommend grabbing a standard camera neck strap to toss it around their neck - the display can be set to flip to view it upside down, left or right.

My daughter has used the voice recording function for lectures; the 10 minute function is great, but probably not good enough for college students. Though if it’s lost, no big deal, it’s $30, least compared to far more expensive units students forget these days at lectures.

Only thing that’s missing that I’d like to see on it is a fm receiver, but that’s not worth the extra $20 the plus runs.


While the software that comes with the player is Windows-only, you can download OS X software.

Here’s an example…


I bought the Creative Zen V Plus 4GB here on Woot last month for $39.99. So, for $10 more I got double the memory, video, and radio. It’s an awesome little player, too. It’s about the size of the newest iPod Nano, but thicker. Also, I find the screen too small for video, but it’s still nice to have the option.


He’ll love it, too! It’s easy to use, reliable, and looks cool. :slight_smile: