Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player



Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player
$29.99 + $5 shipping

1 Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player




already have a 20g ipod and a 1g mp3 flash drive player


Tricksters… I thought it said Zune


OHHHHHHHHHHH… I can’t wait NOT to buy this


Nice unit for the price…got this last time they offered it, and wifey is thrilled with it.


you can find better and cheaper just buying from creative’s site


I’m happy with the 60 gig video ipod I own thanks…annnnd it’s over.


whoa!!! was there only 1?


Sold out already?


Wow! I hit refresh and there was anew item and it had already sold out!


3 all day!
nice and fast. Got the V-plus and I like it.


mama earth?


Darn!!! I have been waiting for a new MP3 player for my nephew.


I hope there are some more. His Sansa didn’t hold up, I was hoping for a Creative product. I didn’t even see it pop up on the screen.


Wow, you must not have been paying attention to Creative news lately. Not only has the company been found to be garbage and against customer satisfaction, but the company has also been found guilty of lieing about the actual size of the disk in their Sansa players. Don’t believe me, then look it up real quick. Unfortunately, their way to deal with this problem is to just give previous owners of these crappy MP3 players only 50% off their next Creative player.
Thanks but no thanks.

Thats like a restaurant giving you a partial meal and charging you full price, then to remedy the situation, they only give you half off dessert. So Sad.