Creative Zen V Plus 1GB Media Player



Creative Zen V Plus 1GB Media Player

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    1 Creative Zen V Plus 1GB Media Player Black/Orange



No video for 25 bucks ? Bah. Will stick with the lead based china players.


This has to be the fugliest thing I have ever seen… Can’t woot do better tonight? Definitely 0-4 this morning.


According to the manual it does do video - they just have to be converted.


Oh man, I just bought a 1 gb mp3 player online not more than 30 minutes ago. Maybe I’ll get this too once I do a bit of research on it.


Looking at the creative website, this looks like the V not the V Plus. The V Plus starts at 2GB. Any thoughts?


If I were to get a 1GB player it would have to be much smaller than this so I could work out with it. This just doesn’t have enough space to hold lots of music but is a little too big to go running with compared to ipod shuffles etc.


Been looking for a cheap player that will support public library book files (.wma)… IPOD’s are not supported. This fits the ticket.


Anyone know if this will record an FM Signal to MP3?


no video, this is not v plus

this model is not v plus.
according to
v plus doesn’t have 1gb model.
and its color scheme black/orange is only offered for zen v 1gb models.


This model as a 1GB V Plus has been on the market before. That said it does not apear to be a current offering new from Creative.



Ummm… what part of:

“Supports transcoded video format”

do you not understand?

Sheesh, people. Read, before you post.

I’m in for two.


I have the 2GB version of this player. It isn’t much bigger than a shuffle. At least the Creative Zens come with a screen.

Shuffle = 1.62" by 1.07" by 0.41"

Zen V = 2.7" x 1.7" x 0.6"


according to
v plus doesn’t have 1gb model.


I think this is the manual:


Yes, it does. Go here and scroll down to see pictures of all the colors and versions offered. There are eight of them:

It doesn’t list them in Creative’s store, though. Probably out of stock or discontinued.


Another manual, more info than the PDF, in Windows Help format:


Here’s a link from Amazon of this player


1 GB == unbelievably small