Creative Zen V Plus 4GB Portable Media Player

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Creative Zen V Plus 4GB Portable Media Player (Black/Blue)
condition: Refurbished

$39.99 + $5 shipping

how good is the quality, is it worth it???

Does this do video ?

i don’t know if it’s worth it for viewing videos - it accepts only uncompressed avi and you have to transcode the other stuff yourself. pretty useless.
also the battery’s not user-replaceable.
but for 45 bucks, that’s still not so bad.

Wait, is this MTP? Are all Creative player MTP? God I hate that, Mass Storage is basically a requirement for everything except iPods, and I wish Apple would get on the ball too…

4GB does seem really small right now. People with large collections of media will really need to be selective before leaving the house with this thing. But I’ve always had good experiences with Creative products, including the Nomad players we had in the past and of course computer hardware… so it’s got that going for it.

My sister paid 100$ for one of these a while ago, so this really isn’t a bad deal. It’s no zune, but for someone that hates bulky players, this thing is really nice. A word of caution: though these are durable, throwing one at concrete at full force WILL render it inoperable. I had to return one because she did that about a day after she recieved it. Hopefully you won’t get that one, but anyway, the refurb unit she got in return is like new, and hasn’t had any issues in the 6 months she’s had it.

$10 cheaper than getting it directly from

This thing just came out a few months ago … how can it be in refurb already?

It does do video, it only plays uncompressed .avi movie files. I forgot the resolution. But it’s a pretty damn good player, audio quality is pretty good. And voice recorder sounds pretty crisp and clear as well. But the Creative software is garbage.
Damn good deal here, I got mine 6 months ago for a hundred bucks.

Another note: has the 8GB units for 70 with free shipping, so that may be a better deal for some of you that want to pay slightly less than ten dollars a GB.

$10 More than the 2GB Sansa… same price with my zune coupon


Outlook® Contacts, Calendar & Tasks?? that sounds too good to be true. how does that work?

if i wasnt a moron and didnt buy 3 sansas and a zune, i’d get 5 of these…

Some Wooters have kids. Others may want an extra just for Christmas music. For only $40 there’s plenty of possibilities.

i have a bunch of avi files. what the heck does uncompressed mean and will mine play?

It is $110 on Not $10 more like that other guy said.

I received this last Christmas and love it! Good sound and small enough to fit in a pocket. Software is easy to use. I paid over $100. Nice size screen for a small unit.

I’m in for 2 :slight_smile: These are amazing players… Perfect for Highschool and college students… pshh even ppl that just want a quality player. :-).

is this mac compatible? just use it for syncing with itunes o my mac.