Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB Media Player



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB Media Player
condition: Refurbished

$99.99 + $5 shipping


Hey, check it out! This is a link to Froogle!


Oh gosh, the drunk girl in my really wants to buy this, but I have 3 other Creative mp3 players already. Trust me, if you’re on the fence with the brand, Creative is AWESOME.


I own one of these (new, not refurb) and it is the best player I’ve ever used. Creative is well known for having the best sound, and I’ve got nearly five thousand songs on there with plenty of room for more.

Highly recommended.


How do these stack up against the Zune?


Wow awesome deal, Zens are great.


Buy this player.

This is the best player on the market. It’s a bit thick but it has FM radio, fm recording, Voice recording, NUMEROUS video and audio formats that most other players don’t.

It has a BEAUTIFUL screen, and you aren’t required to use proprietary software to “sync”.

It’s as easy as drag and drop to put things on your device.

Unlike the Zune you can put any type of file on it. Use it as a portable hard drive.

This is the best player currently on the market though it’s getting less than it’s deserved share of the market. Buy it. You won’t regret.



If I didn’t have one I got last year I’d buy it. Amazing. Better than the zune & ipod imho.


In for one. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Zen.


Wow , I was first in line. It pays to prepare. THANK YOU WOOT


I have one of these exact items. I use it nearly every day, I did have to send it in to have the screen replaced after it inexplicably went bad… but it’s been great otherwise.


The description is hilarious!

These sell for $200+ new


Crap I bought the 1 gig player a few days ago. Could have waited for this…


I have this 30GB Zen Vision:M! It’s my favorite MP3 player! iPods are annoying and over-priced. I also have a Zune, but none of them compare to my Zen. It’s basically the only one I use now. I love it. Glad to see they’ve come down in price!

I use mine for photos, videos, and audiobooks mostly, but I have tons of music as well. It’s also great to use as a portable harddrive. The stock headphones are OK, but I like the Zunes a lot better. I would recommend looking into some accessories for it. I got a cheap package off Amazon that included a cover, AC and DC and USB charger/data port, etc. It has some features I hadn’t yet found on the other players that I liked. Definitely worth the $100! I bought mine for twice that and I thought it was well worth it.

Oh yeah, I LOVE how you can record with the microphone for hrs on end. I recorded a time-share sales pitch on it once and saved myself $3,000 because of the misinfo the rep gave! We recorded the whole 2 hrs straight. This thing comes in handy!


owned one for 1 year already, i highly recommend this player.


The deal isn’t really that spectacular… Creative sells these refurbed from their own website for $120, and that INCLUDES a leather case… adding a coupon to the order cuts it to a near-identical price. I’d advise waiting until they get more in an getting them straight from the manufacturer!

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Id like to know the same.


Buy this mp3 player!!!

I bought mine two years ago for $250, and it is simply amazing. It supports a ton of video and music files, has an FM tuner, and a screen with 2 or 3 times the amount of colors than the iPod. The battery life is amazing as well, I usually get 14+ hours with music and 8+ hours with video. The only downside I know of is the head phones that come with it kinda suck, but today’s Woot is Razer headphones :slight_smile:

Bottom line: This thing teabags the iPoo and Zune


Got one for Christmas last year! These things are AMAZING! I love mine :)!