CREE LED Flood Light Bulbs (12-Pack)

These are 99 cents each at Ocean State Job Lot in New England if you live near ome. Exact same brand and bulb.

Is this a special discounted price?

In some areas, utility companies offer incentives for LEDs and other Energy Star products. Here in SoCal, I’ve purchased Edison rebated LED bulbs for under $1.

What a difference 4 years makes. 4 Years ago I moved to these exact bulbs…paid nearly $400 for all the bulbs in my house…SAVED that much in the first year or so…and I have only replaced ONE BULB (Faulty) and CREE replaced it for the price of shipping my bulb back to them ($2).

As for $0.99/bulb? I have NEVER seen them that cheap even in a Big Lots store…they may be CREE but are they factory seconds by chance? Cheapest anywhere I’ve seen a CREE bulb of this type is about $3 to $5 in bulk. If they are indeed $0.99/bulb for LED’s I’d be all over them that’s beyond cheap.

The ones at Ocean State Job Lot are not Dimmable IIRC

Looks like three star ratings over at Amazon for different size packs. Here’s an example.

Can these be used in outside light fixtures or are they only for indoor use?

I just read Cree specsheet (; it says “Suitable for damp locations; not for use where exposed directly to weather or water” & “Suitable for use in enclosed light fixtures. Lifetime may be reduced if used in air tight
enclosures or in insulated ceiling air tight (ICAT) recessed downlight enclosures”. I hope that helps.

I’ve used them outside for couple of years now, in the north east, not bare, but with some cover around them, for motion detection. They haven’t failed yet.

Will these fit in 4inch can lights?

Yes, 99 cents at Ocean State Job Lot in CT, plus you get a $$ coupon for the amount you spent (up to 12 bulbs) making them free. And the ones I bought are dimmable. BYSK (but you should know) 1] They dim dirty white, not golden yellow like a normal bulb, and 2] One of my 12 buzzed, even when full on. So they are OK for the basement, but the wife says we must stay with Philips LED in the living room, which are wonderful.

$3.75 Each!

1.88 at Home Depot!

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When I follow that link, they are $7.97/ea. How are you finding them for $1.88?

I don’t even get a price.

These are the only ones I see at the $1.88 price.

ETA: The product code appears to be the same.

It’s most likely a subsidized price.

“Get instant price discounts on ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs when you buy from a participating retailer, …”

BR30 is 3-3/4" (30/8) in diameter, so in theory they’ll clear the can.

I recommend measuring the actual size of the can before considering. If there are any protrusions like for the clips or the trim ring is smaller, then I wouldn’t count on these at all. Look for (B)R20 bulbs instead; they are 2-1/2" (20/8) in diameter.

They are a subsidized price yes. I’m sorry I should have mentioned that. That being said these are excellent bulbs, I am using them inside and out.

I’m seeing Woot’s 90 day standard “warranty”. Does that mean Cree’s 10-year warranty is null and void if wooted?

Pictures are of the 5000K the product is 2700K lamps are more yellowish like old time incandescent were/are.