CREE XP-L HI V3 USB Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

I have the MH20 flashlight. I love it. I love that you can have the button in beacon mode so if you drop it while it is off, you can find it. When you put the battery in, the button blinks to let you know the voltage of the battery. I have the nightcore charger and two batteries. It was great when I took it on my night photography mission in the mountains. I believe it has 5 light intensity settings. On the highest. It will get warm, and from,review I read says it goes back down to the 3rd setting. I havent left it on high long enough to test. I also used the strobe functionality and placed it in a pumpkin that I held outside on Halloween as I was headless horseman. It went the few hours I was outside on a single battery with the strobe going the whole time.

Yes it is expensive, but it will take some abuse and you will love it too. Go watch some youtube reviews now.