Creminelli Artisan Porchetta Roast

Creminelli Artisan Porchetta Roast
$79.99 $̶1̶1̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 27% off List Price
(1) Creminelli Artisan Porchetta Roast, 5-6 lbs.


Happy Easter everyone. I presume this would arrive in time for easter right?
(response to later post: someone has to ask the hard hitting questions)*

punchy comment decided to delete.
This item is a bit bizzare though.

I’ll make myself useful for once.

Link to the product on Creminelli’s website ($96 from them).

Link to the cooking directions

Oh, and lastly here’s an article from the Huffingtin Post about Porchetta

I don’t get it…

It’s an $85 stuffed pork tenderloin? Is this really the demographic Woot sells to now?

Seriously? Okay. You (woot, et al) are. I am wondering who in the world would pay this much for a pork roast?

Cowboydann? Who CARES if it arrives in time for Easter?

Ham is usually a traditional Easter meal. It used to be rabbit, but the amount of kids thinking they were eating the easter rabbit put an end to that, so they switched to ham.

Oh looky here I even get to ask a question. Woot’s specs simply say (and I see no mention of it in the description either)

While on the Creminelli website it says it includes this,

I don’t see anywhere in the description anything about the jar of jam but I’m pretty sure I see it pictured. So, it begs the question of jam included, yay or nay?

[MOD: No jelly included. That was the holiday offer.]

I’ll fire of an email to ask. I’m not going to wake somebody since they’ll probably have to contact Creminelli anyway. Should know something later in the morning.

UPDATE: No jelly included. That was the holiday offer.

Seems like an OK deal to me I cant get good meats like this out in the sticks I live in. My question is that it says USE WITHIN A WEEK AFTER OPENING PACKAGING. Does that mean if refrigerated? Can I freeze some for later?

Do I need to finish the whole jar of jam in a week as well? I guess that would happen on day 6 when im running out of time and eating furiously.

An $80 hunk of meat purchased from the internet. There’s a bad joke or three in there somewhere…

Today’s lesson:

“Artisanal” means an extra $50.

$14-$17 a pound for pork belly wrapped around pork tenderloin and shoulder? Those cuts of meat are only $2-$3 a pound where I live.

What a rip off. The ridiculous price per pound combined with three cuts of meat that need totally different cooking techniques is mind boggling.

Wow, $80 for a chunk of meat moldering and decomposing for a week in trucks and the back of the post office van. How appetizing.
Just think, I saw a better chunk of pork at Piggly Wiggly last week for $7 and it wasn’t even rotted when I got it home!
I think somebody bought up the 7000 dead diseased pigs floating down the river in China and decided to get rich quick. ‘Seasoned’ means fermented in the industrial waste of the Yangtze.


Ok, figured I’d ask because I’m sure someone would. I’m not in a hurry as this offering is too rich for my blood, so I’m going to go back to quietly lurking and window shopping now for another few weeks/months.

Today’s Lesson #2:

Do NOT use that word around anyone named Art.

In all fairness, I pay $16 or more a pound for beef and seafood all the time. Pork tenderloin, not so much.

So for all of you who either don’t care to, or aren’t able to read the company website…

These are precooked and preserved for shipping.

You will only have to reheat it if you want to serve warm otherwise you can just slice and serve as a cold offering with veggies, crackers and dips.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Wine Woot isn’t quite like the other Woot sites.

For the products they do offer, it’s a good deal, but they do offer the higher end products.

Stop whining. Stop bashing.

Just move along.