Creminelli Artisan Salami - 4 Pack

Creminelli Artisan Salami - 4 Pack
$34.99 + $5 shipping
2 Sticks of Tartufo Salami with Black Truffles - 7 oz.
1 Stick of Casalingo Salami - 7 oz.
1 Stick of Creminelli Salami - 7 oz.

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I got these last time I saw em posted. Didnt regret it one bit. Incredibly tasty.

They closed their tasting shop, but the Yelp reviews are good.

Also a 8-min video review! It’s meat, but a nicely amusingly cheesy video …

Purchased this the last time. I may be stating something highly unpopular here, but I felt the Salami was difficult to skin & cut, and it the casing smells like a used jock strap.

The salami tasted great, however… just not sure it’s worth all the effort.

What is the ingredient/flavor profile on the Casalingo?..

You sure do like to reference me, don’t you?

The guy in the blue shirt is oddly creepy to me and the “main” reviewer smacks his lips when he eats. Just pointing out what is the obvious to me.

There are several gourmet shops near where I live that offer a variety of gourmet salami, both domestic and imported, at around this price point. Can anyone who has tried this tell me if it will be better?

Holy crap, I have a Woot Stalker!

EDIT: And I am not sure what you are talking about… :wink:

Without living around you and trying them, I couldn’t. They were very good, I preferred the wild boar. I just didn’t like having to do all the work (and putting up with the smell).

Damn it, now I’ll start to notice!


I woot!ed this the last time it was up… the offering included the Tartufo, but also the Barolo, and a Wild Boar – they were all quite excellent and well worth the investment… however, I must warn you that two people can easily consume one these salamis in a single sitting…

What’s with the stock photography, woot?

This one sticks out like a sore thumb!

Got this last time, and it was wonderful. must buy for me!

OK, this is starting to get creepy! :smiley:

Your avatar looks like Hannabal Lecter! LOL

It makes me hungry! That’s what it’s supposed to do. I wouldn’t be any hungrier if the photo had a Woot monkey.

I had no problem peeling these… I stored them in their original wrapper inside a zip bag in my vegetable bin… they will continue to age quite nicely for many months – in fact, I still have some left, and its better now than when it first arrived…

do you remove the white stuff before eating or just slice and enjoy?