Creminelli Artisan Salami (4)

Creminelli Artisan Salami 4-Pack
$34.99 $56.00 38% off List Price
(2) Tartufo Salami with Black Truffles, 6 oz
(1) Barolo Handcrafted Italian Salami, 7 oz.
(1) Wild Boar Handcrafted Italian Salami, 5.5 oz


Shelf-life / use-by date??

Lasts months in the fridge if you need it to. Only caveat is that it does start to dry out and makes the skin harder to remove. I’d try to go through them in about 2 months I think.


Last year when the family was all together for our Christmas morning, I did a “Salami Surprise”. Each person got a Salami Surprise number in their stocking. Then I laid out all of the Creminellis, and the person who had #1 got first pick, #2 got to pick second, #3 picked third, etc.

It was very popular.

I was looking at the Creminelli site just this afternoon, thinking whether I should make an order for this year. Then I figured, “Nah, I’ll wait awhile longer to see if they show up on wine.woot.” And here they are!!! I don’t get the full variety, but all of the favorites are here.

So I put more order in for two. If we have more than eight people, I’ll just have to make a supplemental order.

Can’t seem to order this with the other things I want from Woot to save on the $5 shipping. So sad but not buying.

Thanks, that’s what I figured, but thought I’d ask :slight_smile:

I just ordered 2, no additional shipping charges. It says “shipping is included” right under the price on the order page…

Due to the changes for checkout on Wine.Woot (forcing Amazon) you can no longer place Wine.Woot items in your cart to combine with separate Woot purchases from other pages.

However, all Wine.Woot items ship free now. Just place these on order, then separately order all your other woot desires from the cart.

Is this guaranteed delivery by Christmas?

I was wondering, is this made from real artisans? and if so what type of artisans?

Ironically enough only vegetarian artisans are used in making fine salami.

Does it need to be refrigerated? Not sure how this is packaged.

Hopefully artisans from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They need to thin out the stock a bit.

I look forward to this deal around this time of the year. This will be my third year running and it will not last to New Years…


Thanks woot and please don’t make the shipping a close shave around Christmas.

Kosher gift???

You must use Pay with Amazon on wine.woot because items are sold directly from the winery/source. You must also order it separately from orders from our other retail sites.

Yes indeedy. Arrives by Christmas.

Are the meats gluten free? My daughter has celiac.

Ever since they made pork products Kosher…:slight_smile: