Creminelli Artisan Salami (4)

These are in our new packaging, so unopened in the fridge they will be good at least until February. Once opened, just keep airtight to prevent drying out and consume within a week or two.

They’ll definitely be there by Christmas!

beehive cheese and creminelli on woot within a week of each other? go utah! i feel very fortunate that i never have to wait for online offers to pick up products from either of these great companies… <;)

flashing button will settle down now, just talked to creminelli. found some more!

Yup, there is a real artisan behind the salami. The Creminelli is Cristiano Creminelli. His family has been making salumi in Northern Italy since the 1600s. He moved to the US to bring his craft to American food lovers. He makes the salami in small batches to preserve the best quality and relies on all-natural heritage pork, sea salt, and family recipes for each flavor. There’s a lot of history behind every piece of salami!

They’re better for a longer period of time when they’re kept chilled, but they are completely preserved through fermentation and slow aging. Our new packaging also keeps the product fresher, longer.

In short: keep in the fridge when you can, but they’re fine if kept at room temperature for a short period of time (a day or two) if you’re going to take them in transit on a flight, to a friend’s house, etc.

Not from Booklyn, but rather Biella in Northern Italy :slight_smile:

Yes, these are completely gluten free - we don’t use any fillers so your daughter can enjoy these without worry.

Never thought of “Salami Surprise” as a family freindly game before!

Can I get this shipped as a gift to a different address than my own without the receipt enclosed?

there’s movies that start out this way.

Ugh, woot, why do you do this to me? These salamis are SO GOOD, I can’t turn them down.

As for self stability, I’ve left these things (unopened) in my cabinet at room temperature for over a month with no issues. They dry out, which makes them harder to peel the casing from, and harder to chew apart, but still very delicious.

My standard advice: The casing becomes much harder to peel once it’s cold, so I recommend peeling the entire thing at once, either before you fridge it, or afterwards by letting it warm up a bit first. Keep it in a ziploc, it’ll still stay fine in the fridge for 2 weeks without the casing.

Soylent ones, of course!

Or Joe’s garage.

I’ve never jumped on this when it’s been offered before . . . But, man, seeing these right above the image of the Sonoma Harvest mustard Woot+ on the homepage just made me pull the trigger. Now I’m hungry!

Ah, I can quit hoarding dried out salami now.
New packaging; I’m in.

Wednesday, is that you?

Per WD a couple days ago, wine.woot orders do contain a receipt/slip with the price.

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The first sucker may have no rival, but I will no longer suffer from having no Creminelli salami.