Creminelli Artisan Salami - Four Pack

Gluten free?

This is how really expensive Pepperoni Pizza made!

I think I will buy some of this and make some really expensive pizza.

I’m wondering how long I can keep these around before serving them. Also, what is the best way to store this stuff?

Aha! I found everything I always wanted to know about salami on the Creminelli blog:

The Woot Gods may want to watch their spelling. Under ‘Additional Pictures’, they spelled unwrapped with only one ‘p’, making the ‘a’ a long vowel. Good to know that the salami has not been sexually assaulted though.

I’ve bought Creminelli’s salami at retail…it’s stupefyingly good. They keep well, too, which is good, at about a half pound a stick, it’ll take you a while to crank through all this hard cured meat unless you have a huge party coming up.

Creminelli Artisan Salami - Four Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
2 Seven Ounce Stick of Tartufo Salami With Black Truffles
1 Seven Ounce Stick of Wild Boar Salami
1 Seven Ounce Stick of Barolo Salami

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You don’t have to qualify for the wine shipping availability for this, correct?

I bought the 1 lb set last February, this was the best cured meat i have ever tasted, i usually go for kielbasa or bratwurst (obviously a different variety of meat) but these are excellent with some brie on a cracker or just straight up by themselves.

This looks pretty good, but how long can we lay them down? What percentage of new French oak did they use? Is there too much heat? What about terroir? This is important, man.

(What, someone had to do it. Also, I bought one, because it’s not wine and hence can be explained, so I’m allowed to mock.)

Right. No alcohol in this, so no shipping restrictions. Just like the cheese.

I believe I’ve only had white truffle before. Could someone explain the differences between white and black? Are they too different to even compare, or is one stronger than the other, etc? I would appreciate any info on this. I love white truffle and white truffle oil, so would I like black truffle?

The meat’s not organic, but the pepper and garlic is? eh? Whas the point?

Also, I live in Florida so I’m wondering if this has the possibility of spoiling or degrading at all since it’s been like 90+ degrees everyday now that summer is approaching. I know cured meats in general don’t need to be refrigerated for shipping, but inside of the trucks it must be like an oven down here. When I get in my car at 1-2pm to go to lunch during work the thermometer reads over 100 degrees since the car has just been baking in the sun.

I bought a four-pack of these a couple months ago. It included 2 of the black truffles and 2 wild boars. I tried the truffle first and I was blown away. It’s a totally delicious sausage with a just hint throughout of the truffle.

One thing I would recommend, though… If you are a stronger willed person than I, try unwrapping the sausages and letting them sit in a paper bag in your fridge for a couple days before consuming them. They were a little too moist when I first tried them.

I actually still have a little bit left of one wild boar, and each time I eat more, it tastes better and better. The flavor seems to hit stronger as the sausage dries out.

Also, if you are worried about not eating all 4 sausages, don’t. They last forever, and you’ll eat them eventually. They are too salty to eat all at once anyway.

Sorry, I have more questions! My friend bought these last time, at least the varieties that were offered last time, and I loved them so much so I’m really interested in these.

  1. Why do you use beef casings for pork? Is that something special or is that normal procedure for pork salami?

  2. Has anyone tasted boar before? Good? (I know boar is kind of like a pig, but I’m guessing more gamey?)

Does anyone know where to find nutrition facts for the salami? A basic calorie/fat/protein count at least would be nice. :slight_smile:

Speaking of health concerns, anyone know how much cholesterol this has?

Despite me not knowing the possibility of heat spoilage I pulled the trigger on this one; I couldn’t resist. I doubt it would be shipped country-wide if it would spoil in the trucks.

Plus if it came ruined I’m sure Wine.Woot would make things right. I’ve never had a problem with their customer service before.

Check this part of their blog. They won’t spoil.