Creminelli Artisan Salami

Has anyone tried these since the change in packaging we saw on the last offer and these?

Wondering how (long) they can be stored now vs. the change…

The taste is still really good! I had the Ungherese and that had a lot more of sweet flavor than I thought. I also enjoyed the Wild Boar one too! I think the packaging is a little more user friendly and easier to open than the normal full wrapped paper one.

They lost me at “natural flavors”, which all too often means MSG.

the FDA requires that MSG be listed if it is present, and none of the products sold by creminelli list MSG or any of the ingredients typically associated with it on their labels. buy with confidence–these salamis are excellent!

NOTE: wooterators, you may want to adjust the bison salami description; it currently lists “seal salt” as an ingredient. (that’s right, i continue to earn my nit-picker icon. <=])

Heh. Fixed. Don’t like Seal Salt?

Likely much nicer than the aroma of seal shit, which is what we have to put up with at the La Jolla Cove ~Childrens Pool~.

Maybe I am crazy,but why would anyone pay $39.00 for a little over one pound of meat?

DITTO And, that price is supposed to be a sale price!

If you have a Whole Foods Market nearby, you can get one of these and try it out.

I tried some for the first time when they were offered on Woot recently (December '14). These are really quite good- I especially enjoyed the wild boar variety. I’m noticing that it’s $3 more expensive this time around, however. But I am tempted to try to bison salami. Hmm…

At over $30 / pound this must be really, really, really, really good salami.

Natural flavors are actually just vegetable extracts we use to develop flavor in the aging process. No MSG or nitrates ever!

The slightly higher price actually accounts for the Bison in the bison salami. Pork prices have gone up a little, but the wild game, always costs a premium. But the flavor is worth it!

Go to Aldi’s and buy the “seasonal” Salami they are selling there for $3.99…Probably sold out in most locations but my store still has some…(where I live the local inhabitants do not like some of the finer things)

But anyways…This stuff is better than most…Not as good as the $30+ stuff here…But all in all certainly worth atleast $10 a piece…

You can buy a lot of Salami for 1/10th the price…and pretty darn good if you ask me…

Just sayin…

I ordered 3 of the sampler pack last time around and had TWO Tartufo’s be COMPLETELY spoiled (ammonia odor you could smell, even through the packaging). I had been a big fan before, but never again. Buyer beware.

Sorry for the problems. I hope you contact our customer service. They will be happy to assist you.

Woot, this is ridiculous. I’ve contacted you through “support” 3 times with no response regarding my order that was placed on February 10th. The delivery date should have been in 3-8 business days and there STILL is no shipping info. It’s been over two weeks! I sent an email today to Creminelli to see if they had any insight on their end and just got a response that they, at least to one person’s knowledge, haven’t had any orders from Woot this month. Come on!!! You already took my money. Make this right.

I placed an order on Feb 9th…money came right out of my account and to date still no product…status shows “preparing for shipment”…really???..written woot 4 times and no response… What is the deal???

Hi, digging into this.

Bottom line is that the product will be shipping early next week via 2 day transit.

There was a miscommunication with the producer on production scheduling and therefore a delay in shipping the product.

I can assure you the product will come to you in great shape albeit later than you and we hoped.

Stay tuned on updates. We very much want you to be satisfied after it is all said and done.