Creminelli Artisan Salami

Creminelli Artisan Salami
$24.99 + $5 shipping
In natural beef casings
(1) 1/2 lb. White Truffle Salami
(1) 1/2 lb. Salami Sopressata

One step closer to Bacon.Woot.Com!

Easy for me to pass. Not a fan of salami.

Wanted more Corison. :frowning:

Edit: A Mill sighting:
Creminelli Artisan Salami
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No love for us vegetarians on this wine.woot :frowning:

wow, this looks tasty… really tasty. Anyone have any comments on this? All I’ve ever really had is store bought generic salami

I’ve had a hankering for some good salami lately, and this looks like it will fit the bill! Woot!

Never really “gotten” truffle. I’d be more interested in high quality salami without fungus, but that’s just me.

The description is misleading. 1 1/2 pound looks an awful lot like 1.5 lbs. The way corrado posted it makes it clearer.

I am sure that there will be complaints.

Mmmm lactobacillus- it’s not just for wine anymore.

Now this I could rat for- I have a palate for meat!

delicious w
but i can’t order it now :frowning:

wait… so it’s .5 pounds only…

Wait Corrado are you sure it’s [Qty 1] [1/2 pound]?

Shouldn’t that be hide the salami? The last wine I bought was lovely… looking forward to more affordable wines. Bring on some east coast ones! Not just in the names!

(Two) 0.5 lb chubs for 1 lb total of salami.

Why didn’t they put 8oz.?

Will someone please clarify if we get 1 lb total or 3 lbs of salami?

That’s a BIG difference.

Here is a youtube link to where they interview both the creator of the salami as well as some other related folks and where they sell it.

Looks great!

Though only a pound of salami is sadface…

How is this going to ship? Dry ice? Or does it stay yummy till it gets to my door?

Also, what would be the best way to keep this and how long will it last before it goes bad.


Well done with the description Woot!; Makes this sound awfully tasty.

I’m so glad I went to the comments to find out if this was a good deal.

I was ready to buy 3 lbs. of amazing salami for 30 bucks, seemed entirely worth it. Thanks woot comments for reminding me that deals like that aren’t realistic for those without loads of expendable salami income

This picture looks like the MRI of my spine. Happy eating.